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  1. DeaconFrost

    Strange Display Issue on a new Surface Pro 3

    I am setting up a new Surface Pro 3 for a VP in my company, and I came across a strange display issue. Whenever I right-click on an app's shortcut that's pinned to the Taskbar, the box has a dark blue color, making it nearly unreadable. When I right-click anywhere else in the system, it looks...
  2. DeaconFrost

    Solved windows 8.1 reset doesn't aks which drive to format

    I mean this in a positive way, but you can't claim the data is important enough on the second partition if you have no way to back it up. External drives are very cheap these days, so I'd either wait until you can afford one, or look in to some cloud services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc...
  3. DeaconFrost

    PNY 16GB Flash Drive no longer being recognized

    LMiller7 said exactly what I was coming in to post. Flash medium is volatile, and should never be used as a back up medium. Unless you are willing to spend upwards of $1000, that data is probably gone. You tried it on multiple computers, so that eliminates it being just an issue with one...
  4. DeaconFrost

    Automatically set text and scaling options when docked

    I'm a happy Surface Pro 3 owner as well, but I don't believe there's any way around this, unfortunately. Hopefully, someone else will have an idea.
  5. DeaconFrost

    Questions regarding Windows 10; Upgrade or fresh install?

    I will probably due an upgrade on one machine first, which is my laptop, and then clean installs soon after.
  6. DeaconFrost

    Windows 8 issues! (I am a newbie)

    You could put bandaids over it, but your best bet is to back up your data (should have been done already before your upgrade) and do a clean install of Windows 8.1. Then you will load the latest drivers for your system, and I should mention that it would be a great time to switch to a better AV...
  7. DeaconFrost

    UAC stops refresh and reset??! what?

    I have mine disabled, but I only do that on my own computers. I give my users a choice of how they want the computer set up. If you had to refresh or reset the compute,r you could always turn UAC off, go through the process, and then set UAC back to whatever you want.
  8. DeaconFrost

    How can I open win8.1 without a password

    That has nothing to do with why you should enter a password. The password is meant to protect your data and information. If you follow hydranix's advice, you will technically still have a password, but you won't be prompted to enter it. Some malware can look for accounts that don't have a...
  9. DeaconFrost

    So Whose figured out Intel Management Interface?

    I still don't understand the fear of it, or why you seem to jump to paranoia right off the bat. If the drivers were built-in, they wouldn't have compatibility with later chipsets. Then you'd have people complaining about issues with the OS out of the box. You want to have these components...
  10. DeaconFrost

    So Whose figured out Intel Management Interface?

    I found quite a bit of info, but all from a few years ago. I remember doing the comparison myself with a Crucial SSD a few years ago, and remember the difference being small, but showing in favor of the Intel drivers. Next time I rebuild a system, I'll run some benchmarks before and after...
  11. DeaconFrost

    So Whose figured out Intel Management Interface?

    I don't feel funny about it at all. It's a legitimate app right from Intel. I also don't worry about driver updates, because I do those myself for the entire system. As for AHCI, I was under the impression it replaced the default Microsoft ones with Intel ones that perform better.
  12. DeaconFrost

    So Whose figured out Intel Management Interface?

    I always install it, because I was under the impression it has better drivers for my AHCI controllers.
  13. DeaconFrost

    how to change back boot screen interface

    I don't think you can. You are likely using a Linux-based boot loader, so that's the interface you'll see. Unless you have some unique hardware that needs Linux access, my suggestion would be to update your methods to a virtual machine. Only in unique situations does a person need to...
  14. DeaconFrost

    HDMI strangeness - different resolutions of browsers etc

    I could be wrong on this, but it is possible that the video card of the laptop isn't capable of outputting a higher resolution, so you wouldn't get the full, native resolution of either external screens, especially if you are still viewing the laptop screen at the same time. If you are using...
  15. DeaconFrost

    Disk Management Problem In Win 8.1

    The first rule of OEM computers is....wipe them out and do a clean install. Well, actually, that's 1B. 1A is to make your recovery discs, so you always have a rollback option. It sounds like the permissions or user accounts weren't set up properly, and the best way to fix this is a clean...
  16. DeaconFrost

    HDMI strangeness - different resolutions of browsers etc

    Let's start with the native resolutions. What is the native resolution of the HP laptop?
  17. DeaconFrost

    Laptop stopped showing jpg's.

    Excellent point. You could try posting one in this thread, and we'll all see if it's valid or corrupt.
  18. DeaconFrost

    Windows 8.1 administrator rights problem

    I may not be following along properly, but is it asking for a password, even though you never created one?
  19. DeaconFrost

    Facebook messages don't load

    Since this happens on multiple browsers, I'd point towards a Facebook issue, rather than an issue with your computer.
  20. DeaconFrost

    Laptop stopped showing jpg's.

    The easiest way to check if the files are corrupt is to try them on another computer that you know will open .jpgs just fine. As a way to simplify the offloading, send the photos to online cloud storage, such as Google Photos, DropBox, OneDrive, Box, etc. This way, the photos are always safe...