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  1. arachnaut

    Windows Update for Acronis TIBMounter.sys fails

    [SOLVED] Windows Update for Acronis TIBMounter.sys fails This morning I saw an optional update for Acronis True Image 2015. It updates the TIB Mounter system file. After the update the mounter does not work and you will need to do a repair install of Acronis. I reported the details on the...
  2. arachnaut

    Diskpart list disk info messed up

    Maybe you are confusing disks with volumes (partitions)?
  3. arachnaut

    Recent Windows Update Error Code 80244019 - probably GWX

    I've registered for Win 10, so I check each day to see if any new updates have arrived. Today a few times I saw error 80244019 and an update failure. When you look up the error code you find: Windows Update error 80070422, 80244019, or 8DDD0018 where it claims: "If you receive one of these...
  4. arachnaut

    How Do I Minimize The Amount Of Page Faults For Programs?

    Each person's system and requirement are rather unique. Some programs install services, and some of the are unnecessary or just preload stuff into memory (like a page-fault suppressor). Black Viper has a highly regarded site listing a lot of things to try on your service profile: Black Viper |...
  5. arachnaut

    How Do I Minimize The Amount Of Page Faults For Programs?

    I've skimmed through this and can offer a few tips on reducing the impact of page faults. One is you can switch from Program performance scheduling to Background services scheduling in System Properties->Advanced->Settings->Advanced. As I understand it, this increases the amount of page...
  6. arachnaut

    How to make an ISO of a bootable USB flash drive?

    I think if you save a sector-by-sector image backup with Acronis it should work. That's how I backup my bootable flash drives and I have restored them successfully. You have to be sure that you are saving and restoring the MBR, that's where the ISO boot code resides. Also, make sure the flash...
  7. arachnaut

    Win8.1/64 updates always flagged "optional" -- Why??

    I think most of them are to prepare for Windows 10 deployment.
  8. arachnaut

    The Scoop On KB 3022345 System File Corruption

    I've had similar results. Recent SFC and DISM errors that could not be resolved on two of my systems. I suspected Windows updates related to Windows 10, but had no proof till now. After reading this, I uninstalled and hid KB3022345 on both and, after restarting, the SFC/DISM errors are...
  9. arachnaut

    ~ How to Shutdown Win 8.1 when idle ? ~

    Are you sure you want that? If you watch a fifteen minute video, the system might shutdown at 2/3. Usually 'idle' is based on last keystroke or mouse button or user interaction. You can't really use CPU utilization because that varies even when 'idle'. This is a complex issue.
  10. arachnaut

    Outlook 2013 Asks for Password to open OUTLOOK.PST

    I have no idea what is going on, but it seems to me that Outlook is asking for your User Account password. I'm not an Outlook user, but email agents should respect the login account, in general.
  11. arachnaut

    Possible to make a copy of website?

    "HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory"
  12. arachnaut

    CPU Runs at 100% At all Times

    To me it looks like you have several instances of windows search running, along with Perfect Disk defragmenting, along with a malware scan and Zune sharing. That's a lot of simultaneous disk usage. Wait until windows search completes its indexing and PD finished defragmenting and the malware...
  13. arachnaut

    Internal drive repeatedly repaired by Windows

    Here is where I found out about the different CHKDSK structures - the location for the fsutil 'dirty' bit is different in Win 7 and 8:
  14. arachnaut

    Internal drive repeatedly repaired by Windows

    I encountered a problem something like this with a member of the local computer group. He had a dual boot system with a single drive. One partition was windows 7 the other was Windows 8.1. When there was a disk problem, chkdsk was scheduled to run, but it would depend on which partition he...
  15. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    If you still can't delete this, try the program 'Unlocker' from Download Unlocker 1.9.2 - Be careful not to do the quick install or you will get a toolbar. Be very vigilant when you try out free software.
  16. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    The way I did it was to go to file/folder properties, Securities tab, Advanced, Change Owner, use my userid.
  17. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    Yesterday the problem was that the update just hung forever, so one had to restart to get out of that problem. Naturally when that happens things get left hanging so the folders with the extracted update files stayed around. But today, the update just failed, it didn't hang. As for cleaning up...
  18. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    That happened yesterday, but not today.
  19. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    Yesterday the update was pulled. It did go away from my Windows Update list. but today it re-appeared. I tried to update it again and this time got the following error: Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Update for Microsoft Visual...
  20. arachnaut

    Update failure - KB3001652

    Well, in my case it was on the S: drive. I think it looks for the drive with the most free space and extracts everything into a folder there. The folders are on the root of the drive and have long random names like "a2978dhi9w8127129108". Inside you'll see a bunch of files and folders and...