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  1. Lindsay

    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    currently using Surface Pro 2, really love using it,
  2. Lindsay

    Solved Can't Record Audio playing from computer

    Using Stereo Mix to record audio never works on my computer, i don't know why, later i choose to use more professional screen recorder. so i think you can change a method to do this
  3. Lindsay

    Solved I need a Screenshot software for my Windows 8.1

    I know two options that can meet your needs. One is Snipping Tool, you can search it in your Windows 8 and then use it. It allows for taking screenshot and editing it. But note that its editing options is a little bit limited. Another option is this Free Online Screenshot, it can be used for...
  4. Lindsay

    Solved Program not running at startup

    I think that only the program is marked as "High" can it run as the computer starts
  5. Lindsay

    Solved Question about image backup program

    you can consider backup those image to image uploading and storing sites such as Imgur, Flickr.