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    Automatic Repair Loop problem

    The solution RmonRoe give you is a good one, however if that fails to work then try the steps in this article: Boot Loop problem In most cases this problem is caused by a something that went bad in your system ;)
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    Reboot loop during Preparing to configure Windows #2

    Hello A common error, which could be easily resolved by using DISM to remove all pending updates, it's just a couple of minutes work, read this article If after that you're still experiencing problems, then try to use a system restore point from some days ago.
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    Solved Opening certain folders causes Windows Explorer to crash

    There is a big chance that something that is attached to explorer.exe is causing this issue, have you tried a clean boot? otherwise try to disable all Explorer.exe plugin's, see this article for that
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    Which programs can I disable to make my startup faster?

    Hello You should be very sure about which services and processes you are disabling, however you could disable most things you installed yourself safely without any consequences. A good way to determine which processes are taking up alot of boot performance is XPerf. However that is quite...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355) Not Installing

    Hello there Ryan Have you tried disabling all your services from booting and disabling Virus Scanners before attempting to install this update? Perhaps that helps you solve the problems :) If you dont know how, read it here The error code you get is a nasty one, i have to honest, haven't seen...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 - System Image Backup Solution; Fine Details

    Hello Rowlands I know your problem is already solved however, How about Windows System Image? It's also a very good tool and personally love it, since it's integrated with Windows RE. And they do work perfectly with your OEM version of Windows. You should be able to read more about it, in an...
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    How to start windows 8.1 after crash

    Hello, You should be able to edit the BIOS to make the CDROM drive boot piorty. You can do this by pressing the key that is shown below when the dell logo appears, normally this is the DEL or F2 key. When you press that the bios should start, find BOOT and place the CDROM drive as first boot...
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    Ask About Upgrading Windows 8.1

    Hello Banhm, You will keep all your files when you upgrade, and all program activations, your Windows 8.1 Pro MC License will be valid if you ever choose to downgrade again as well. You can upgrade to Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Volume Licensing. Microsoft Volume Licensing Home Page Please...
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    Ask About Upgrading Windows 8.1

    Hello Bahmn Is there a reason you wish to use Windows 8.1 Enterprise? There is no reason why a Home User should want this, Windows Enterprise is a version for companies. Windows 8 Pro vs Enterprise - What?s the Difference? - - Site Home - TechNet Blogs Please do read above...
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    Solved Blue Screen - usbhub.sys

    If you believe so then download and install But, I still believe disconnecting the reciever might work.
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    Solved Blue Screen - usbhub.sys

    Hardware Type Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Mouse (Mouse and Keyboard Center) That should is be, so yes :)
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    Solved Blue Screen - usbhub.sys

    Are you useing an external keyboard? with a reciever? If you do, try disconnecting it and look if it solves issues. Your getting alot of errors from a malfunctioning device in your event logs.
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    Solved Blue Screen - usbhub.sys

    Hello What brand and model system do you have? This problem is quite common and should be easily fixed by downloading new drivers from your vendor website. If you know how to do this yourself then please update the following drivers USB Chipset If you do not know where to find these then...
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    Solved A Lower Level "Start" Screen

    Hello Robert This is unfortunaly impossible to do, you can however make the icon's small, then 4 icons will fit in the place where normally 1 tile was. See the screenshot as example. You can do this by rightclicking the tile and clicking on Adjust Scale.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Hello All, Just registred today and wanted to say Hi to you all :) I'm Yuri, active on MS Answers, Technet and PCHelpForum and since 1 january MVP Windows Expert-Consumer. And will try to help people in need here as much as possible :) See you all around :)