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  1. The Muss

    Did anybody manage to install Live ID Sign-in Assistant?

    I've a game called Virtua Tennis 4. When I run gfwlivesetup.exe it's installing everything except ID sign-in assistant. I've tried to run the installer in every possible ways which are compatibility modes. And then when it didn't work I downloaded the standalone installer which is wllogin...
  2. The Muss

    Some People Seem To Think Windows 8 Is A Programme Rather Than An OS

    At least those people should have the product key underneath their laptop. Sometimes people don't want to wipe the partition. ( they might want to keep their files?) That's why they ask how can I uninstall it. Maybe? When I was 10, I created a shortcut and named it fifa2005.exe and double...
  3. The Muss


    If you've time to play that game then you should have time to search it. I've always disabled games from "turn of features" menu. Just buy the games that are over 2GB. They're something that you actually play
  4. The Muss

    Skype - latest version - great from PC and smartphone

    VoipGain has very cheap call rates. VoipGain | cheapest calling rates
  5. The Muss

    Is it just me, or do the icons and windows look bigger in windows 8?

    You probably triple clicked your mouse, and then changed their size. In my laptop if I double click with my one hand and then move my another hand I can change the website size in web browser, change the shortcut's size in desktop. Try my advice. Triple click your mouse and then kinda like...
  6. The Muss

    Solved When will Windows 8 drivers

    No one cares about drivers unless it's for your Graphic Card. Sound, touchpad drivers are also significant, but not much. if you're computer is working fine don't even bother with driver updates. If you're gamer just hunt for gpu drivers.
  7. The Muss

    How will we upgrade?

    So .iso file is the same for everyone but just product key is different? I'm also interested in this topic because I'm one of the lucky people who can upgrade for just 15 euro
  8. The Muss

    What's happening in the news..

    Why do you guys post articles here? do you not have google reader?
  9. The Muss

    What is Windows 8 N Edition?

    It's edition for some some regions, such as for china only chinese language and some differences. You'll never get that edition in your life
  10. The Muss

    Solved Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin

    1) You can go open recycle bin and then empty it. It just takes one more step to accomplish it. 2) If you have ccleaner you can restore or just clean with ccleaner itself. Honestly I've not used recycle bin for over a month.
  11. The Muss

    Windows 8 really isn't that bad

    I know how fast is win8. I'm wondering what kind of impact will OEM bloatware do to freshly installed copies of magnificent, brilliant windows 8 Pro
  12. The Muss

    Windows Defender: Can I Add to System Tray?

    pin it to taskbar, what you're asking is impossible Windows defender should be displayed in notification area by default - Microsoft Answers
  13. The Muss

    Duplicating a partition and upgrade to Win8?

    so You're all saying that I should use some cloning software instead of copying the partition. That seems more logical.
  14. The Muss

    Duplicating a partition and upgrade to Win8?

    Hi!! I'm wondering if it's possible to duplicate partition and upgrade it to windows 8. So right now I've this Windows 7. I've got the MiniTool Partition Wizard 7.5. It has an option to copy partition. In the past I've done some things and at the moment I've one partition. Boot files...
  15. The Muss

    Black screen with infinite white dot beachball after install/reboot

    open msconfig in whatever OS you can get to. Try messing with "boot" tab in there
  16. The Muss

    Has Microsoft beaten Apple

    Windows Phone 8 + Windows 8 RT + Windows 8 Pro. Do you get what I'm talking about? Unified kernel and the same thing everywhere.
  17. The Muss

    Should I Upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate?

    You seem to be "power user". I was gonna say upgrade right away, but if you play games don't upgrade yet. Windows 8 is itself is very optimized. But softwares are not ready yet. They're gonna run just like in windows 7. Wait until official release. By then there will be new games out...
  18. The Muss

    Forgive my ignorance.... For I don't know what I do

    I can't make out anything from what you say. Windows 8 is the fastest OS out there right now. Boot time perfect. Tells you how much GB of internet used. Search is the best new feature I like. You don'd need pdf reader and iso burners, they're all included in windows 8. I think it's time...
  19. The Muss

    Well here goes

    Yeah don't listen to CNET. It's the paradise for Apple fans.
  20. The Muss

    Today is the day.

    No aero. Let's wait and test it out.