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    Solved How to dual-boot Windows 8 with existing Windows 7.

    Your last screen shot looks exactly how I set mine up, and win8 installed without any problems at all. I now get the dual boot option on startup.
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    a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing

    I had the same issue. Downloaded a new .iso and installed without a hitch. I would recommend downloading a new .iso
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    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    Dual booting with win7 ultimate on an acer AO722. Installing on a clean build amd desktop tonight
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    Installing Win 8 dual boot with Win7 --- Problems

    I'm dual booting win7 ultimate and win8 on an acer AO722 right now with no issues. Are you sure that drive D: is the correct partition and not one of the system created (reserved) partitions?