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  1. Skulblaka

    I cant play any full screen games on Windows 8.1

    Are the games standalone or do you use Steam?
  2. Skulblaka

    PC lags after gaming for 2 years

    If your card was damaged then the performance would be the least of your problems. Try doing what basher has suggested. Laptops tend to suffer form heat problems, especially if they're clogged with dust.
  3. Skulblaka

    Has anyone tried Win 8.1 Preview

    I'm running the "official" version at the moment. I like it so far, a definite improvement. Although, there's no way I would pay for this much needed update. A ton of customization options have been added.
  4. Skulblaka

    The Final Countdown: 18 Days Left Until the Launch of W8.1

    Interesting, I'm downloading 8.1, which is offered through my school, at this moment. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it; a much needed update.
  5. Skulblaka

    What is the best Games for Lan Play? 1v1 only

    Hello Razer2k13 and welcome to EightForums. Right now, I can only think of real-time strategy games. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Civilization V Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Age of Empires Supreme Commander Warhammer 40,000...
  6. Skulblaka

    Solved Processor and Installed Memmory(RAM) is not seeing !?

    Click the Start and R keys on your keyboard to start the "Run" prompt. Then type services.msc to start a "Services" window which will display your computer's services. Then you need to find Windows Management Instrumentation service. Right click it, then select Properties. Set Startup...
  7. Skulblaka

    Think my comp has malware..

    With all due respect, I strongly suggest against using this software. At first glance it appears "fishy". It will probably nag you into buying it. Just use free software or, like David Bailey has suggested, do a restore point or a refresh.
  8. Skulblaka

    Think my comp has malware..

    I encourage you to install Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, then do a full scan. That should resolve your issue.
  9. Skulblaka

    VLC now being targeted by Movie Chiefs

    People tend to resort to piracy when the delivery is bad. For example, people in certain countries cannot buy or watch certain things so they resort to piracy to get the content they want. If the delivery system is good, then piracy tends to decrease. Source.
  10. Skulblaka

    Creative Sound Blaster-Z Headphone Audio

    I gave up on that sound card centuries ago. Drivers were absolutely terrible in addition to the insult to software programming that the control panel is... I have no idea how anyone can deal with that. I thought about getting a different sound card but don't see why I should bother. The...
  11. Skulblaka

    Comodo antivirus is preventing the installation of a softw

    Here is their help page. It shows you how to enable or disable various security components. Right click the anti-virus icon on your taskbar, you should find the appropriate options there.
  12. Skulblaka

    Secondary monitor flickering problem

    You can capture a screenshot by clicking "Print Screen" on your keyboard, then pasting it into Paint and saving it.
  13. Skulblaka

    Free Scanners (Not Active Protection) For Windows 8

    Curious, why use three different scanners to accomplish one thing? One complete scan with Malwarebytes should accomplish what you want.
  14. Skulblaka

    Win 8 pro slowing Down

    A disk defrag won't produce very noticeable results today. Our hard drives are fast enough not to be bogged down by "clutter". It's worth trying though... How much free space does your hard drive have? A hard drive can slow down when there isn't much free space available on the hard drive.
  15. Skulblaka

    Win 8 pro slowing Down

    I agree. I would hesitate to do that unless I covered all possible options. Honestly, aside form a clean install, I'm a little stumped. Hardware is fine, running processes are good. I don't believe you have an infection that you're not aware of. Another guess I would consider is you running...
  16. Skulblaka

    Win 8 pro slowing Down

    Everything looks okay... your running programs are not an issue then. Take my previous suggestions into consideration. You can still try to check for a computer update, and a complete computer scan with Malwarebytes.
  17. Skulblaka

    Solved How to find out if...

    One more thing, if you wish to test a piece of software without compromising your computer's security, try out Sandboxie. With that program, you can run software in an isolated environment.
  18. Skulblaka

    Solved How to find out if...

    The discussion is still about exploiting a third-party's software (FlyFF). This is not allowed I believe. The best suggestion I can give in this situation is for you to avoid anything to do with these programs. Those comments and "reviews" are very easy to engineer. You're asking for trouble...
  19. Skulblaka

    Win 8 pro slowing Down

    If you don't mind, can you post a screenshot of you task manager? Like so... Looking at your hardware, your computer seems powerful enough. This is not a hardware issue. Check to see if you have any additional updates in Windows Update. Are you able to install Malwarebytes? I don't trust...
  20. Skulblaka

    Minecraft Server Help?

    Hello Sammy37796, apologies for the delayed response. Not sure about the other stuff, but port-forwarding is interesting... it "opens" ports for things to go through. Think about it like a valve that lets water through. First, you need to have a static IP address (address that doesn't change)...