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  1. salim96

    Copy and paste

    what are you trying to copy ? is it a large file ? have you tried restarting the windows Explorer all over again manually ?. try removing some background processes(Unwanted ones)
  2. salim96

    Extreme Low budget graphic card (R7 260x,GTX 750)

    I've been planning to get low budget graphic cards and R7 260X OR GTX 750..? i ain't a big gamer... but, i still play games often. so which one should i go with ? i've got i3-1st gen(i3-540). 4 gigs ram, and would like to play nfs MW(2012),hitman absolution,gta 5( when releases).. and some...
  3. salim96

    Programs won't start unless running as administrator.

    Hello & Welcome to windows 8 forum... have you set the UAC Settings to default..? if not, or not sure... just open run then type msconfig then, in tools launch UAC Settings & set them to default . also do try the SFC command by mr.bailey. :)
  4. salim96

    Hopper with Sling Box and Windows 8.1

    verify whether there is an driver update for slingbox for windows 8. if not, uninstall the executables of sling box hardware, then install them in windows 7 compatibility mode . :)
  5. salim96

    Solved Video Card

    hello arram, to know about your video card. you may navigate to the device manager, then to display adapter area, where your video card would be described. you may check it's properties to know it's driver details... :)
  6. salim96

    Can't shrink volume

    can you post a screenshot of your disk management service. ?
  7. salim96

    Office 2013 executables got renamed with .bak extension

    If you had bought Office Online, then check for the key in the E-mail you received from your retail seller..... if it's built in then you should have tried belarc advisor. if not read the article below my post. also you could backup you Office if in future anything happens to it.below is the...
  8. salim96

    Show us your cell phone!

    here's mine..!! the videocon a15 :D upgraded to 4.1 through custom rom :) . good & enough for my college life :D
  9. salim96

    Show us your cell phone!

    Root..!! :D
  10. salim96

    Show Us Your Rig!

    Here's Mine..!! :D mom's gonna scold me if i don't keep it clean :p
  11. salim96

    restarting frequency

    it may be because your hardware has become quite old & even compatibility issues. check if the card works on other PC good.also did this happen the first you installed the card,if not boot with the integrated card, then, in device manager check for a warning yellow blip for the Nvidia drivers...
  12. salim96

    Win 8.1 install failure(s)

    microsoft always recommends to install windows 8.1 from the store(by installing the upgrade related update) but many people prefer clean installation since it's still we would suggest you to do a clean,when your clean installation failed, exactly what error did it show...
  13. salim96

    Intel 1st Generation Drivers.

    i tried that update utility at the very first time... but no success. all i want to know is how do i install the other drivers i.e, graphics,network. i know they will work because they were listed compatible when windows 8 upgrade assistant was ran. edit: ooops..!! i forgot to mention that i...
  14. salim96

    Intel 1st Generation Drivers.

    after installing windows 8,moved onto the installation for it's drivers(windows 7 drivers as there is no availability of drivers for first gen. of intel "I" core processors). but none of them installed except for the realtek driver... neither in compatibility mode nor from device manager any...
  15. salim96

    High disk usage leading to slow responsiveness

    Hello Brother, do u have your account merged with microsoft account ?. also please delete windows.old(if you have it in c: volume) & also please do a disk cleanup including with a CHKDSK command.hope this helps. :)
  16. salim96

    Help updating new laptop.

    many people(like me :D ) disable everything except antivirus to avoid startup infections caused by usb or anything else. n' if you are regular system tray user... pin the tray icons either to your startscreen or to desktop.
  17. salim96

    Bring back Date taken, Camera Model, ect, from folder

    as far as i know. not possible except for the item count & library options.though you could see the details by right-clicking on the pic & viewing it's properties you could see the screenshot of mine.hope this helps. :)
  18. salim96

    Help updating new laptop.

    hello badge, after noticing the installed programs. i recommend you to uninstall the adobe flash player as it isn't needed in windows 8. because browsers these days are coming with built-in flash player & also do a windows update followed by a lenovo update. it is also recommended to disable...
  19. salim96

    Microsoft: We’re 18 Months Behind with the Windows 8.1...

    i always think windows 8.1 is free because MS doesn't want to hear anymore curses given by windows 8 customers. :P But anyways i am a bit neutral with coming of windows 8 n' metro but not surface RT
  20. salim96

    Solved Computer randomly freezes for a few seconds

    Try A windows update. & see if it helps. this maybe caused by invasion of bugs by installed third-party programs & malware. so also download the microsoft's malicious software removal tool to perfectly scan for virus & malware. Hope this Helps. :) Free Malware Removal Tool | Anti-Malware Scan...