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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    This did not solve my problem :( Speakers work fine but when I try to use my Beats, the sound is distorted and almost sounds as if it's underwater, UNLESS I specify L or R only on the output. Yes I do have the jack plugged in to the right port, and I tried to disable the microphone but neither...
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    Intermittent Wireless - Default Gateway Not Available

    Well... This only happened recently as I moved and got a new router from Century Link and had to set up all new internet. I may have to get on the phone with them... *shudder*
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    Intermittent Wireless - Default Gateway Not Available

    Hi all, Every 5 - 20 minutes on my CenturyLink home internet, I get Limited access internet only. Troubleshooting or turning on / off airplane mode typically solves it. I tried Device Power Management (not allowing it to turn off the adapter to save power) but that hasn't helped. I disable /...