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    Hyper-V Virtual Machine - Completely Delete in Windows 8

    Does this tutorial and the two included related tutorials apply to win10?
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    Solved Best 3 AV packages to cure virus/Trojan infection

    best three I had same experience with FF. Ads were driving it crazy. But...they have a plugin for "adblock +". What a difference. Give it a try.
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    changing dsl modem security level to permit "pings"

    I have computers with Win7 & 8. I have malwarebytes and MS security programs on both. I found I could not ping in the medium firewall settings of my dsl modem (westell 7500) and changed the level to "Low". Since I have these other programs like windows firewall, is this Low level acceptable?
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    hyper-v vs willl not bridge to ethernet nic

    In hyper-v I cannot connect to internet. the message is "there is no driver for this adapter". It looks like the VS and the NIC are in reverse mode, ie the NIC says it has no connnection but I have Internet there. The VS says it's connected but there is no internet. My internet connections...
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    cannot download anything

    I have had win8 working on this PC before but went back to win7 for a while. I just reinstalled it and downloads were working fine and I decided to relocate (per instructions on EightForums) my user files to another drive. It all seemed to go well and I can run my programs etc., but I can't...