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    Windows 8 Will Be a Winner: 10 Reasons Why

    I have been here all the time. I own an ipad2, they are a toy nothing more and nothing less. I still need to grab a laptop for even medial consumption tasks. The device has problems with some youtube vids, doesn't do silverlight or flash,without jailbreak only does about one video codec...
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    Windows 8 Will Be a Winner: 10 Reasons Why

    As if the android tablets are flying off the shelves... Windows based tablets on x86 will have a tremendous advantage over anything that is available right now. Those on arm will not be left out, as the development envirornment is superior to the competition, so the chance that there will be...
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    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    Dual boot with Windows 7, I simply replaced the Server 2008 R2 installation I had running on a second harddrive with Windows 8. Funny though, I get the new boot screen, and it boots into Windows 8 (I changed the delay to 5 seconds), when I choose Windows 7, it reboots (as in I see the bios...
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview release

    From some of the reactions on this thread, it seems that even on eight forums, Windows 8 doesn't cut it. Strange, I personally thought Vista was rock solid, whilst Windows 7 was just a minor upgrade (which it was in almost any sense). Here we are talking about a real major Windows release...