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    Directx 12

    me too.. i love the classical.. I only play game in Visual GBA or Mini RPG :thumb:
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    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    Clearly's created for Tablet :crazy:
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    Changing the color of Start button?

    Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance ;)
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    Adobe Flash 11 beta 1 x32 and x64

    I can't watch youtube with Ie 10..anybody help me
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    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    Dual boot with Windows 7 install first then windows 8 in custom mode :p
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    Changing the color of Start button?

    i'm think so..then i decided to change the color of the taskbar as same as start button..i hope u would better after changing :grin:
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    .Net framework feature is not getting tuned on in Win8.

    i have the same problem too. I think we should download the Net Frame Work 3.5 and install offline, because when the pop up came out , you must have internet connection and turn on auto update to finish install Net Frame Work :sad: My english isn't i hope u dont care abt it