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    Mail App Email Notifications - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Thanks Shawn, was looking for a way to do this!! ...from now on i will check out the tutorials first!!! ..Len
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    Weak password in Windows 8.1

    Hi Alex, i use the option of using a 4 digit pin number which i find a lot easier to remember !! Len
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    Solved May 13 Updates Which Will Not Install

    Updates I had no issues with installing any of the updates!
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    9 new Windows themes take you around the world

    Themes Thank you, just downloaded the Manitoba one!!
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    Married folks - What anniversary are you on?

    We will have our 44th on August 15
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    Solved Metro Columns

    Thanks znod for that link, works great!!! len
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    just got the $40 dollar special up and running

    Win 8 Had an easy time downloading and installing the upgrade , finding it easy to use as well!! I have no reason to think of going back to Win 7 even though i did like that one as well. len
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    Media center is now free for Windows 8 Pro

    Got my key about 3 minutes after my request!!