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    Games using Nvidia physX are very laggy

    Your Nvidia GT 610m really isn't designed to handle PhysX. It is to be expected that your games run slowly with it turned on.
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    Nice and simple games for kids

    Freddi Fish is what I played as a child (in Dutch). Sure it's old, but certainly not outdated! ;)
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    Laptop shutting down at 50% charge

    This happens because your battery is giving incorrect information about its remaining charge to your computer. Don't worry, this is a pretty common thing with batteries that have been in use for a while. Their performance degrades aswell as their capacity. Your battery is the culprit, not your...
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    Solved [BSOD] Critical Structure Corruption (CLFS.sys)

    I eventually chose to swap out the ram and haven't had any blue screens since. So I guess it was faulty ram after all.
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    Solved [BSOD] Critical Structure Corruption (CLFS.sys)

    Unfortunately, the blue screen came back. I uninstalled Glary Utilities, disable nVidia streaming service, updated drivers and ran Memtest86, which gave no errors. Here is the most recent dmp file: Microsoft services
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    Solved [BSOD] Critical Structure Corruption (CLFS.sys)

    Glary Utilities seemed to be the culprit. Removed it and all seems well.
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    Solved [BSOD] Critical Structure Corruption (CLFS.sys)

    Hello all, I've been experiencing random blue screens on my laptop for a while now. Happens about once a week and only under Windows (Linux works without a problem). It's always the same BSOD: "Critical Structure Corruption (CLFS.sys). My laptop is a ASUS N56VM-S4050V with 8gb 1333mhz ram...
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    Solved Cannot activate Windows 8.1 after fresh install

    Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded my pc with a new motherboard and cpu and so I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1. Using the key I have used before for this pc, I tried activating Windows, but it didn't let me. I get the following error: It states (in Dutch) that the server has...
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    Scrabble for Windows 8

    You can download Wordfeud from the Windows Store! ;)
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    Tomb Raider Windows 8 Support

    All Tomb Raider games work perfectly when playing through Steam. :)
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    How to merge YouTube and Google+?

    This is what I'm talking about: two Youtube profiles (with their own Google+ pages) on the same Gmail account...
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    How to merge YouTube and Google+?

    That link is about separate Google accounts, I'm talking about different profiles for services on the SAME Google account.
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    How to merge YouTube and Google+?

    Hey all, Quite a while ago, Google started with the pop-up messages on YouTube, asking to merge your Google+ and YouTube channel. At the time I didn't feel like it and selected that I wanted to keep both my Google+ page and my YouTube channel separate from each other on the same Gmail account...
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    Glary Utilities 1-Click Maintenance breaks webpages.

    Hey all, Everytime after I ran Glary Utilities 1-Click Maintenance, all my webpages are messed up when loaded for the first time. Refreshing once or twice fixes this, but the problem keeps repeating itself after I use Glary Utilities. All webpages I load for the first time after running...
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    Show us your WEI

    Upgraded from 955 BE to FX8350, memory and cpu went from 7.3 to 7.9. The performance boost feels bigger than that though.
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    Show us your WEI

    I'm still not sure if I should upgrade to Intel, or just buy an AMD FX cpu...
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    W8.1 preview now available on Technet

    Not available for me.. Are you using a particular url - care to share?
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    force 60hz

    Please provide more details on your HTPC's hardware.. mainly the GPU you use.