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    Denim update for Windows 8.1 Lumia phones begins

    For Brazil Availability in Latin America - Nokia for 530 denim should be available now 630 and 925 still Cyan
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    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    Have anyone tested it with windows 8 upgrade version? Do I still need: install older version windows (for example 7, vista or XP)-> install windows 8 -> update to windows 8.1 from store. or use generic key when installing and then workaround to activate with update key. it would be nice to...
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    Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

    I use SSD for my Windows 8.1 laptop and desktop PCs and I haven't noticed any slow downs with StartIsBack. I have tried Custom toolbars, but they don't have some things that I use daily in my work flow. I haven't used them for long time so maybe there is solution to my problem. I want Windows...
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    Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

    StartIsBack and I think Start8, classic shell has modern app shortcuts you can enable or disable it in options. As I still haven't found any modern app that is useful or/and don't have more functional desktop analog. I have disabled modern apps shortcuts. Maybe situation will change but as of...
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    Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

    It would be great if MS returned windows 7 style start menu to windows 8.1 or 9 that could be enabled in options, that way people who like "modern" start screen couldn't complain too. I would like to be able to disable metro/modern part of windows 8.1/9 completely. For now I use StartIsBack+...
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    Windows 8.1 Users Planning to Switch to Windows 7 Due to..

    out off all PCs at work and home that was updated to 8.1 update 1 I had 3 problematic PCs. There were errors while installing update on one home laptop and two work PCs. what is strange that there was other PCs with same specs and installed from same image that had no problems. Tried various...
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    No more Adobe Flash Player for me

    I noticed that videos on IE11 and windows 8.1 now defaults to HTML5 player for some reason even thought IE11 has flash integrated. some say that HTML5 is "the future" and its better to get rid of flash player. I think for now there is way to much problems with HTML5 player. While...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 IE11 youtube HTML5 screensaver issue

    Sorry somehow my post got mixed in editing quotes. If you read my previous post you will understand that I don't use screen saver to save screen or anything. there is group policy settings to screen lock after set time. lock is done via screen saver settings on resume display logon screen and...
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    Remember my password IE

    I had similar problem with one pc running windows 8 it used to just forget all the passwords that I told it to remember I checked all settings and they were ok.. seems that update to windows 8.1 solved problem
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    Solved Windows 8.1 IE11 youtube HTML5 screensaver issue

    It's set in group policy to lock pc with password prompt after some time when its idle and it goes to screen saver in my case monitor just turns off, because its set to turn off in power settings at the same time (I really don't need screen saver, but I want to turn off monitor after some time...
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    Windows 8 is the most vulnerable Windows OS, due to Flash

    Because I need flash and I have installed it on for example windows 7 does that still make windows7+flash more secure than windows 8? according to that article windows xp has less vulnerabilities than windows vista/7/8 so its most secure?
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    Solved Windows 8.1 IE11 youtube HTML5 screensaver issue

    Sorry, but that post is not helpful at all. I know how to change screen saver. Problem is that it should not go into screen saver while playing media. Anyway problem solved by setting it back to flash player from html5
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    Solved Windows 8.1 IE11 youtube HTML5 screensaver issue

    I upgraded from windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 pro When I watch YouTube video screensaver kicks in. when I watched YouTube video on windows 8 it was IE10 (I think it used flash player plugin) everything was ok while video playing no screensaver. After upgrade to windows 8.1 and ie11 I noticed...
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    Windows 8.1 Battery Life Investigation

    I never liked VLC, I think WMP and separate codecs and filters for formats you want to play (and WMP can not) is way better than VLC.
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    What do you like about using the Desktop?

    Quote for true exactly what I think.
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    Solved Howto salvage Win 8 Pro on a SSD

    Partition manager differs from backup software. Working with partitions can be dangerous maybe you messed up your partitions that why it doesn't work.
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    Solved Howto salvage Win 8 Pro on a SSD

    Do you have backup system images? Everyone should do backups. if you still can before SSD dies try to do system image backup to external drive. there is free software you can try Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download when you have image backup create boot media boot from it...
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    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    Start menu takes around 15% of work space on my screen other 85% can be used for something else (when multitasking you can see other programs running and its not so jarring than changing to full screen UI that is so different to launch program that brings you back to desktop.) Taking 85% less...
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    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    too good to be true.. really MS listening to it's costumers? am I dreaming? I still remember in windows 8 preview version there was registry change to bring start menu but they deliberately removed it.. of course I agree start menu should be option besides start screen.. for example after...
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    Solved Should I upgrade to 8.1

    You can but you will need 3rd party software free or paid (usually free has some kind of limits) AFAIK Windows 7 and 8 type backup (including image creating) was removed