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    when do you think windows 8 first build leak?

    i also think mid 2011, an alpha version or somthing like that.
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    Windows 8 x64 only?

    This could be possible yes, and i think this would be a good idea, the time is ready to transport everything on x64.
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    When do you think Windows 8 Beta 1 will come out?

    I think the first time we will get something is in the mid 2011 but i don't think this will be a beta version.
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    Could you imagine Windows 8 hardware

    I would wish that OLED Displays with multitouch will come for a nice price :) @the fabe: I don't thing 4-6Ghz will become standard.
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    My Windows 8 Concept

    good work but for me it would be too dark
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    If only Windows 8 could look like this...

    looks very nice but i don't think this is realistic. @saiarcot895: at the time win 8 is getting to release i thing 8GB RAM is standard in a PC, so i think there is not a big Problem if it will need a bit mor RAM.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Hello @ll I'm happy to be on board. Great job what are you all doing here :)