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    How to Correctly Install Windows 8.1 Preview

    I always test Preview or beta on USB. When I upgrade to Win8 Preview, the installer didn't check if it running from USB. Now iso installer doesn't allow it, while AppStore in Win8 Preview has expired since Win8 release. Is it possible to download update without AppStore. I don't have Win8...
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    How to Correctly Install Windows 8.1 Preview

    Hi, I have external USB hard disk with running Win8 Preview. When Win8 released, I install it to main hard disk. Now I want to try Win8.1 from that USB hard disk instead of main disk. I boot from USB want to upgrade via apps store. Ops it's not supported anymore. I install KB2849636 but still...
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    Just how much do people hate Windows 8?

    I just love Win 8, better than Win 7. Nothing is perfect. Few applications don't run under Win 8, I have alternatives application. Most of the time I enjoy Win8
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    Windows is using 60%+ of ram on bootup

    I don't it is a problem. I feel Win8 try to use memory as much as possible. In other words avoid to use virtual memory (disk swap)
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    Please help... What drivers to install or not? Help

    You need to note down which driver listed under Windows 7. Then search by model instead of service tag, filter by Windows 8, and cross check with the list from Windows 7. Cheers.
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    "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    Yes, ipconfig /all will give you all information.
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    Slow Windows 7/8 Dual Boot

    Do you use UEFI capable BIOS? I am not sure if you can change back to legacy boot.
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    "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    Hi, With your Windows 7 laptop make note on IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS. Unplug Windows 7 laptop from network and connect Windows 8 laptop instead. Configure manually exactly same as above. If it works, then problem on DHCP configuration. Cheers.
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    The Non-Touch Windows 8 Offers a Worse Experience than Win

    I really enjoy multi-touch touch pad. I can sweep, pinch, scroll, swipe from edge to access charm bar without leaving keyboard and keep my screen shines.
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    Solved Repeat the first step is to install Windows 8 using USB

    Hi, When restarting, change back BIOS setting to boot from internal hard disk. Seem that you missing "press any key to boot from CD" on your bootable USB. Cheers.
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    Can't install .NET Framework 3.5

    Hi, dotNet 3.5 is built in, no need to install, just enable the feature. What kind of error when you run application that requires dotNet? Cheers.
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    Smart phones getting smarter.

    Some multi core processor has one low power core. During idle or reading will use only this core for minimum battery consumption. Most of the time other cores just sleep.
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    Please help... What drivers to install or not? Help

    If you submit express tag and let it analyse your current configuration, then all drivers listed are newer than what installed. Hope that it include what still have acclamation mark.
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    Hi, I create alias for my hotmail account. I start to use outlook email address only. I feel more secure because now my account (hotmail) not revealed in my email. Cheers.
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    Strange behaviour with IE10

    I just upgrade to IE10 on Windows 7. I cannot login to this EightForum anymore. When I reset password it said no such account. But on same machine I have no problem login using Chrome. BTW I always have second browser in any pc I use.
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    Solved Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

    I'am glad that last week finally I buy Inspiron 5423. Although the latest driver package ATI and Intel HD both signed by AMD is from early 2012, but works smoothly. I need to disable automatic update for driver though. Cheers.
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    Help Me to Get me log in to Windows 8

    Hi, If you didn't create question and answer to reset, you need to try login from other computer to reset password. Cheers.
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    Please help... What drivers to install or not? Help

    Hi, If you. Visit Dell support web site, you can choose to automatically detect your express code, analysis your current configuration and it will give a list of newer drivers that available for your particular computer. My experience teach me only install driver from Dell, not from OEM even if...
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    Solved Booting and Running Windows 8 from USB drive via GRUB

    I run Windows from USB but not Windows To Go. I cannot find back the article on internet. I remember I create VM that write directly to physical disc that pointing to USB disc. Install Windows as usual. Boot Windows on VM and tweak registry to load USB driver during "pre-boot". Then it ready to...
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    Solved Booting and Running Windows 8 from USB drive via GRUB

    Hi, Great! Welcome to the club. I have been running Win XP, Win 7, and now Win 8 from USB HDD. If your USB greater than 128Gb, may be some day when data getting bigger, you experience same problem with me like what I post last week. No worries, just need defrag. Cheers.