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    NVIDIA Geforce with CUDA (Help)

    Hello guys, just wanna ask some help for my laptop. im using fujitsu with Nvidia geforce with cuda. when i reinstall my win8 last night , i noticed that i can't install see the driver details on my control panel after i install all the device drivers.. its not unusual when i first install win8...
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    Help! Third party Anti-virus.

    guys, until now, im getting problem with my anti-virus.. i install the avast 8 , but still the problem is the same... even thought avast 8 is now compatible in win8.. still need help..
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    Mad Riders not opening. [Help]

    hey guys, I need help in running my game "Mad Riders" After i install it in my pc, i double click the icon and nothing happens... I try all posible procedure.... I run it as administrator. but stil. it has no responce. is it the game has problem or the compatibility issue is win 8 pro? Thanks...
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    Scan with Windows Defender - Add in Windows 8

    thanks it helps!
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    Solved CPU @ 70% usage

    try to use some software that can analyze registry issues .. then fix it by running the cleaner. it really work for me.;)
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    Explorer.exe error every time at Windows 8 start up

    pre anong version gamit m? try mo re install win 8 mo.
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    Help! Third party Anti-virus.

    thanks dudes... i want to try avg..
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    How to enable Memory (RAM) usage in Win8 32bit?

    thanks a lot dude! powers..
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    Help! Third party Anti-virus.

    good day guys! my problem is, about my third party antivirus. when i disable the windows defender and i reple=ace it and install getting up to a problem. when i open my pc . after i enter my user password. it is dark at its screen,. meaning no start screen, but when i press ctrl +alt...
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    Disk usage 100% - Problem Windows 8

    hey bro.. that is my problem last week. but i solve it using ccleaner.. i fix the issues in registry using that software.. this is not about promoting the software but it really helps me in solving my disk usage getting up to 100% when i see it in my task manager... it really a helps guys.. try...
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    How to enable Memory (RAM) usage in Win8 32bit?

    thank for some reply guys... :D now i'm looking forward to upgrade to 64bit,,, in your own opinion? what bit will be more fantastic to use as ease? 32 or 64.. thanks!
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    How to enable Memory (RAM) usage in Win8 32bit?

    thanks for info bro.. can i change my os to 64bit?I really don't know if my laptop is capable on 64bit os?
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    How to enable Memory (RAM) usage in Win8 32bit?

    Good day masters! Hello Guys.. I'm wondering on how to enable my 4GB Memory Ram on my Win8 32bit? When I check my system info.. 4GB(2.92 usable) is anything here knows how to enale all 4gb memory as usable? Hoping for replies and help.. Thank you! I'm really disappointed when i...
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    Restart Time

    guys, how to test the restart time?