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    Can't boot into windows 8,hard drive locked, can't refresh

    One of my drive locked last night. I installed Windows8 on another drive and ran this on Command Prompt (Admin mode) DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth The computer did a drive scan restarting couple of times on its own... the locked...
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    Solved Here's what I think would fix Windows 8:

    The closest you can get to that concept is by installing a classic windows start menu and Metro StartMenuModifier. With this set up it displays Metro full screen with the bottom toolbar revealed. You can also get part of the Metro menu to display in a single row above the toolbar on the...
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    Looking For File and Folder Backup

    This works as well very nicely :) WinRoboCopy is a GUI front end for RoboCopy
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    Refresh or Reset Windows 8 without Installation Disk

    C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml I think it may revert if we copy this xml file before changing to custom location and replace it back later in the same folder.
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    System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8

    I found another way to reboot to RecoveryEnvironment Before restarting enter this in elevated command prompt : reagentc.exe /boottore
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    Refresh or Reset Windows 8 without Installation Disk

    Thanks for the tutorial ! How do we make it again Refresh/Reset from install disk ?
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    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    You should also be able to find your motherboard make and model from System Info. Type msinfo32.exe in Run.....under System Summary check System Manufacturer and System Model. With that information you can find out more detailed specs from the manufacturer website ...or just search in google.
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    How does "Fast startup" work?

    try this : disable hibernate > shutdown > restart > reenable hibernate > reenable FastStart Hibernate - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
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    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Even for me Fast Startup enabled does not make much difference in startup time. I prefer to hibernate fully which reduces by about half the time it takes for normal startup.
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    How does "Fast startup" work?

    I just figured another thing.....when in Sleep mode the Uptime in TaskManager keeps going on and on. The difference between Sleep and Hibernate and FastStartup is - Sleep saves the information in RAM so the system is partially powered to keep it alive. - In Hibernate mode the information is...
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    Solved Sign out screen different from lock screen?

    Here's a quick way to disable the image
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    Found a way to quickly kill all apps

    Some get suspended and some exit completely For example Chrome and PC settings remain suspended but Photos app closed Tried to configure in Task Manager to close the Start Menu after logon but for some reason it does not
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    Found a way to quickly kill all apps

    Kill this file wwahost.exe and all apps will close and return to desktop :dinesh: create a .bat file pasting either of two codes below in Notepad and saving as .bat. Create a desktop shortcut and give a keyboard shortcut (for example I have given F2 so I can kill them all with one click)...
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    Backup Files in Windows 8

    That's what I wanted. Thank you !
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    Backup Files in Windows 8

    How do I delete the backup task...I can delete the backup but not the task itself but I cant find any button to delete it. It is always there in Control Panel / Windows 7 File Recovery
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    What exactly does "Refresh your PC" do?

    Before you refresh Syncing the setting in PC Settings may also help restore most of the settings. You need to signin with a Microsoft account to enable it. To go to PC Settings press Win key + i and click on Change PC Settings at right bottom corner
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    Solved Sign out screen different from lock screen?

    topguncp, Thanks a lot :) I noticed another folder in SystemData contains the PicturePassword image so I guess if you have enabled that it is better to change back the folder permission.
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    Power - Add Cascading Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CommandStore\shell\safemode]@="Restart to Boot Options" "icon"="shell32.dll,-290" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CommandStore\shell\safemode\command] @="Shutdown -r -o -f -t 00"...
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    A List Of Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8

    I found ex7forW8 to be quite good and clean. It requires the Win7 installation CD to extract some files but once installed it completely disables the Start Menu and Apps Menu and Hot corners. There is no way to make both function simultaneously but you can switch to the Metro UI easily and...