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    Solved A Good, Free anti-virus program

    I would take these "AV testing" sites with a grain of salt, since it's obvious that a lot of these testing sites get paid to give good reviews and ratings. Not the first time and certainly won't be the last.
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    Good review and comparison here...

    Most of these "AV testing" sites are usually biased and usually paid off by the AV company. A reason why I don't trust them and use what I know works from experience, which is Windows Defender.
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    Lots of out of band updates today

    I haven't gotten any updates today?
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    gpedit.msc missing in Windows 8.1 PROFESSIONAL

    You are probably using the basic Windows 8.1 edition then, since the basic version doesn't include GPEdit in it. I'm using basic edition and I get this when trying to run it:
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    KB3004394--any problems on Windows 8?

    Have had it installed since 12/9 and have not had any issues that seem to have cropped up according to Google search on the KB. No errors, no nothing. Windows still working like it should be.
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    Defender Definition Updates

    You're welcome, glad to be of service. :)
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    Latest AMD Chipset Drivers Released

    Got these along with the Catalyst Omega drivers from AMD website earlier today, works like a charm and my read/write speeds have gotten a boost over the 14.9 chipset drivers. :)
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    December 9th 2014 Windows Updates

    The two optional ones just supersede others, as I mentioned in my post.
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    Defender Definition Updates

    Save this code as a .vbs file, like Defender.vbs: set objShell = createobject("") objShell.Run("""C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe"" ""-SignatureUpdate""") , 0 1. Control Panel > System & Security > Administrative Tools / Schedule Tasks 2. Right click Task...
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    December 9th 2014 Windows Updates

    Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2014 KB3006178: November 2014 MDM client update in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 The other optional one I got is KB3013769: KB3008188: November 2014 Windows Update client improvements in...
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    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Loving the new Omega drivers by AMD, so much performance boosts all over the place! Even the AHCI driver has boosted my read/write speeds by a bunch.
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    Defender Definition Updates

    Haven't really noticed, but then again I run a .vbs file in task scheduler that will check for/update definitions silently for me every 5 minutes.
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    Computer crash while playing Minecraft, no BSOD

    What version of Java are you using?
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    Solved What was this update ? installed without permission.

    They remain installed even if you unpin them from start screen and will continue to get updated automatically.
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    Solved What was this update ? installed without permission.

    I do believe thats the app for the Sports live tile, which if I remember correctly will update itself automatically when the app gets updated by Microsoft.
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    I don't use third-party AV anymore, especially on Windows 8. Been using Windows 8 Defender since day 1 of development.
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    This is just one weird update, honestly. I decided to have Windows Update check for updates again and reinstalled this update and afterwards my system is still running like normal. No increased boot/restart times, no system performance cripples....weird.
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    Solved Start screen

    Did you recently install the optional update KB3000850 by chance? There appears to be a problem randomly happening after installing this update where Windows won't load to the Start Screen/Desktop for some people...
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    Solved How Safe are One Drive, Google Drive, etc?

    About as safe as anything on the internet, which is never 100%. Even if not, a mere keylogger can easily grant a third party all your cloud storage account information. As others have stated, it's best to use a CD/DVD/External HDD/USB flash drive for sensitive information. I don't use cloud...
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    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Was previously using 14.11.1 Beta due to a problem with Catalyst crashing in 14.9, got the update for 14.11.2 and been using that since a few moments after it was put on AMD website. Working like a charm so far. I tend to not use beta drivers, as AMD can't be held responsible if somethings...