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    Microsoft re-releases August Update (Update 2) Windows 8.1

    For me, it happens in RDP only. Even if I apply this fix, it comes again with a reboot :(
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    Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM – Rumo

    I can't believe no one in the world has found a trick to force RGB subpixel font rendering in Windows 8/8.1 IE & Metro UI Apps, since Windows 8 was released :( However, many topics report this problem, even on where MVPs are helpless.
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    Internet Explorer 11 - Enable 64-bit Tab Processes for EPM

    I follow this tutorial to enable 64 bit processes after enabling EPM, but I have still 32 bit tabs even rebooting computer. Do I miss something ? Thanks
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    sign in screen with custom background possible ?

    Hello. Since I read Brink's tuto (change sign in background color), I want to believe it's possible to change sign in background with custom picture, like this tutorial (option 3). I tested this in Windows 8, carefully following warnings (image resolutions), but no effect :( Perhaps registry...
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    End of security updates for XP and W2003 please

    hello wikipedia ? Windows XP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Windows Server 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Internet Explorer 10 vs other browsers

    Hello brummyfan. Have you used this solution for yourself ? Do you have a RGB scaled font smoothing on your IE10 with this trick ? It has no effect on me. I saw this proposal on many topics on, with other proposals such as updating graphic drivers or registry cheats...
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    Internet Explorer 10 vs other browsers

    Hello. Since I read many related topics about font rendering in IE10, I give my personal feeling. On my 1920*1080 DELL monitor, these are font rendering screenshots between IE10 and FF17. IE screenshot : FF screenshot : See how IE10 fonts are blurry compared to FF. And...
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    Solved No Hyper-V in Windows 8 x86?

    In addition, Hyper-V Platform is available on Professional & Enterprise editions of Windows 8 only.