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  1. DMGrier

    Locking down the computer for public use in a library

    Honestly I think you have done killer job, the only thing I can think of is that if in anyway and some how the user get's asked for "Administrative Privileges" that UAC ask for a password, this can be set through secpol.msc. Off the top of my head I can think of one way to run as a different...
  2. DMGrier

    Problem with firewall

    Okay, so I am not familiar with the software but I am willing to help. I will not teamviewer or skype but can give you great detail view the form. Are trying to send the information between two computers in the same network or on different networks?
  3. DMGrier

    Found a new backup software, check it out

    Hey Windows 8 family, Long time no post, I just wanted to let everyone know of a new backup solution I found, well got introduced too. So at work we moved to VEEAM which has been awesome as we are a virtual environment. VEEAM is so intuitive I started to look for a desktop version I could use at...
  4. DMGrier

    How to turn on encryption for Windows Surface

    When using Bitlocker you have several options on where you want to store the key, at my work we print them out to later input them into keypass and place the paper in one of our locked shredder bins. Also I would recommend opening gpedit and going Administrative Templates > Windows Components >...
  5. DMGrier

    UAC playing up

    A password set in the UAC is done through secpol.msc, unfortunately in order to change this back you will need to know the password. This process is not been easy since Windows 7 days, XP would have been easy to fix however one could argue this function to be a security issue in XP. Unless I am...
  6. DMGrier

    Will Windows 10 make it

    1st, Yes Windows 10 will make it. Windows 10 has not even hit CP yet and has already a measurable percentage of market share. Plus honestly what is Windows 10 missing? Everything people have been complaining about that has been missing from Windows 8.1 has been added and some. 2nd, as for the...
  7. DMGrier

    BSOD usually when playing games

    What is the file you just uploaded? if you have an error code please just post that in a forum as I won't download som random zip file on my computer.
  8. DMGrier

    How to enable metro app access to child account?

    So basically you want the application to open as a separate application as if new for each user. Have you tried instead of using a child account you could use "Standard Account", I know you may be worried about them gaining access but we could adjust this with the UAC. You could also try the...
  9. DMGrier

    minecraft wont connect to another computer

    Are you talking about have I tried to have other apps talk between the computer? I currently don't have any other application to do this. Both computers are able to connect to the internet and for some reason one of my Linux boxes has no problem having my sons Windows 7 Professional connect to...
  10. DMGrier

    Solved Samsung Laptop Can't Boot Up (LCD Broken)

    Well you have three options.... 1. Send to Samsung for repairs, hopefully under warranty and if not and want instant gratification then take to your local computer shop. 2. Hook the computer to an external screen whether that is a computer monitor or TV and see if you have different results...
  11. DMGrier

    minecraft wont connect to another computer

    Hey Windows Community, So for some reason my son and I are not able to connect on Minecraft so we can play together. I am on a Windows 8.1 Pro machine and he is on a Windows 7 Professional machine. I have done some work on Bing and we each have our own copy of Minecraft (latest update)...
  12. DMGrier

    Internet speed slow in my HP laptop

    Have you noticed this decrease in speed after you installed Win8? If so make sure you are running the latest wireless driver for your version of Windows 8. I would go to... by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test tell us your ping, download and upload, if possible check this...
  13. DMGrier

    Please Help Bitlocker problem urgent

    try seeing if your keys are located here
  14. DMGrier

    Solved Cannot upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

    Brink, Just wanted to let you know it worked like a charm, thanks for all your help as always/
  15. DMGrier

    Solved Cannot upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

    Brink, Hey man I appreciate it, will give this a shot when I get home and will let you know how my progress went. Thanks again.
  16. DMGrier

    Solved Cannot upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

    Hello Everyone, So I have a Windows 8 Pro Product key and I am currently running Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. Last week I tried upgrading to Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit and everything went fine including the activation. The issue is when I go to install updates I can install one at a time and I will...
  17. DMGrier

    Bitcoin miner on the network? Need help, please!

    Hello comunity, So it was brought to attention that one of our senior IT's at my company which I cannot disclose our name might be using a Bitcoin miner on our network without the knowledge of management. Another IT found it under the senoir IT's profile and it is called Quarkcpu_Miner. We also...
  18. DMGrier

    Solved Windows 8.1 in safe mode - not able to login

    When you place the disc in and it loads up instead of pushing the install button you should see something like a "repair" option or something of that fashion and you should be able to do this from there.
  19. DMGrier

    Solved Windows 8.1 in safe mode - not able to login

    Well at this point I would suggest a Windows disc to be able to gain access to your system tools.
  20. DMGrier

    Had to reformat my computer, and have a few issues to fix

    I am unsure of issue 1 and 3, however with option 2 you could try first checking for updates in the Metro App Store. There use to be with Windows 8.0 to uninstall the app from from Metro and reinstall through the app store. However looks like the option might be gone and I cannot find it in the...