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    Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

    Microsoft to this day has not made the current version of the microsoft networking protocols public. They never have. At best they document previous generation protocols and leave the current ones a dark secret. Always have, always will... Microsoft is no different now than before. (Actually...
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    Can we get a clock on both taskbars?

    Yeah, for that exact reason I run a clock gadget on the secondary monito... oh yeah no more gadgets :(
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    Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

    Well on the one hand Google IS highly evil and they will get smacked around a lot because of this kind of behavior. On the other hand 1) Lack of a good you tube experience on WinPhone8 is one of about 500 reasons it is not doing well. 2) I just gotta say, "Karma is a handsome frog isn't it MS"? They...
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    Solved Storage Spaces questions...

    Holy smokes... Did YOU guys read the article??? Apparently NOT. Or maybe you didn't notice there was a Page 2 and 3 to the article??? It has some amazing failure modes that are completely counter to the entire purpose of it's existence. It bears some CLOSE scrutiny of it's failure modes and...
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    Solved Storage Spaces questions...

    Pay VERY close attention to the "When it works" parts of that article. Sadly the chance for failure the minute the system runs into the smallest problem is so large it almost makes the system less safe to use over a simple set of data and backup drives that are synced nightly using something...
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    Real Solutions to the Winsxs bloat.

    If you want a small windows footprint, uninstall as many actual programs and windows features as you can and don't install anything else. Get rid of the hyberfil file by disabling hybernate or moving it to another drive, that''ll save you as much space on your root drive as you have ram...
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    Forum or Site dedicated to budget meals?

    Well this may seem a bit old fashioned but head to your closest non-closed book store and look at the cookbook section. They have cookbooks for every possible "theme". And ones on quick and easy meals for busy people are popular. It really helps to have the physical book there too as you need...
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    Well there is Chrome OS which frankly could easily replace all Windows 8 installs. Or at least could replace every Windows computer where Metro was the main user UI. If all you do is email, web stuff, etc... all you need is Chrome OS. Why even have the entire bloated Windows universe at all...
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    I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

    I guess you meant "Cathartic"? ;D But anyway, some people (myself included) need to spend a majority of their waking lives living inside the UI of their OS. These things can be EXTREMELY important for day to day (minute to minute) work efficiency... Also MS monitors this and other large...
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    Why Microsoft redesigned Windows

    Yeah, the redesign is appreciated, but treating the desktop like a tablet has got to be the biggest computer UI design blunder of the century. :/ In fact, even though I am a complete Microsoft/Windows geek and frankly dislike Google rather passionately. I STILL ended up buying a new Android...
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    Why so many new members do not show their rig

    That's a LOT of information to fill out when you are in the middle of a problem and just want a quick answer to something. Heck, having to sign-up at all to ask a question is frankly a "bother" more than likely. I haven;t even filled out mine on eight forums as I spent time doing it on seven...
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    Theoretical uses for Windows 8/RT?

    Course regular old windows was already good enough for all of that and has been for years now... It's the OS UI that's catching up to the UI of all of those /existing/ devices. Look at how the X-Box evolved. Win8 is following the trend, not inventing it :) Unfortuately for me and a lot of...
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    Is Start Menu really matter?

    "Free" apps have Ads. Ads that use the Microsoft advertising API. An API that generates them.... money. Possibly even MORE money that the 30% they charge developers for their 99 cent app in the store. So the previous comment probably does still stand. And I've said it myself. Everything about...
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    Windows Blue: Microsoft’s Apple-style OS Strategy

    Huh, there is this line "The one caveat: you’ll need a genuine copy of Windows 8 installed in order to upgrade to Blue. If not, then built-in apps and the Windows Store will cease to function." in the article. Tantalisingly that sounds like if you install Blue by itself you get Windows 8...
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    Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose

    Ooops sorry, I meant "Surface Pro" (with the HD screen).
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    Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose

    I fully agree that the /idea/ behind the surface HD is awesome. I was looking forward to it myself. But as pieces of the HD puzzle become clearer, it's looking less and less attractive. An ultralight looks like it'll best it on almost every front, price, battery life, versatility. I think a lot...
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    Can't boot into windows 8,hard drive locked, can't refresh

    Have you looked in your BIOS settings? Maybe during the extreme low power your BOIS got cleared or reset and is basically hiding the drive.
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    Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose

    Conumers are not going to buy the Win 8 tabs. IF it flies it'll be on the buisness front. But frankly, iPad and Android will lead sales this year and next by about a 10:1 margin. While the pro is somewhat interesting, it's high price, heavy weight and poor battery life compared to every other...
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    Solved How's everyones Windows 8 experience going?

    ??!?!? You were the one that asked how everyone's windows experience was going so what did you expect? Did you only want to hear from people that were "loving it"? This thread started out as a pure opinion subject, of course your going to get both sides. :/
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    Need to upgrade my upgrade!

    You are 100% correct. Upgrades to Windows (and most other software like Adobe anything) have /always/ nullified the previous license (unless you undo the upgrade). Now it may have been physically possible to use the upgraded machine and reinstall using the old license, but it was /never/ "legal".