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  1. billmcct

    Solved Extracting specific files from Windows install image (install.wim)

    First go here and download SFCFix and run it. Save it to your desktop because it may create a file where it is run from. It may automatically fix some or all SFC errors. If that doesn't help then go here, and go to step 2...
  2. billmcct

    Solved Extracting specific files from Windows install image (install.wim)

    You can try this: I have used it several times and it worked on several different OS's. EDIT: Or look here:
  3. billmcct

    Battery Always Charging

    Nothing to worry about, unless you need to take with you, at which point 75% battery wont last very long. Why not just get a new battery.
  4. billmcct

    Google Chrome on Windows 8.1

    Didn't know ChrEdge was also dropping support. Makes no difference since there are many other options out there. I'll just stick with my Pale Moon and use Waterfox classic for the few sites Pale Moon wont open.
  5. billmcct

    Google Chrome on Windows 8.1

    They are also dropping Win 7. Which will probably make Edge the number 1 browser.
  6. billmcct

    Google Chrome on Windows 8.1

    Yeah, they're gonna lose a lot of users. I personally don't use that useless browser.
  7. billmcct

    Solved Two Questions

    Avast browser also does that. A few months back, I failed to uncheck the box to install the browser when updating. It didn't even put an icon on the desktop. I found it when looking in task manager to close a frozen app, and it had ten processes running while it wasn't even open.
  8. billmcct

    I done it again!

    Dude, UR off the wall cool. However. I know U luv Win 8, but sorry I Luv Win 7 even more. And since M$ forgot how to build an operating system, and the fact that I'm 81yo and pushing 82 real soon, GUESS I may get to die before I ever have to use Win 10/11. Geeze, all they do is break rubbish every...
  9. billmcct

    Solved Two Questions

    It probably came formatted exFAT. All I have ever had 128GB and over did. Granted I too formatted the 512GB and 1TB drives to NTFS.
  10. billmcct

    Direct/Private Messaging Possible Here?

    Click on any Avatar and select "Start conversation". Actually you can just hover over it.
  11. billmcct

    Solved Two Questions

    I have a real problem with using the "Safely remove hardware" icon. It never works. I think because my antivirus is scanning the drives. Since Windows Doesn't use delayed write on removable drives by default unless you intentionally set the system to do so, you wont lose data by waiting a minute...
  12. billmcct

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    Yeah I would also like to know where.
  13. billmcct

    Solved Two Questions

    UR most welcome. I spent two months trying to figure out the USB aggravation to no avail, hence always pressing "NO".
  14. billmcct

    Solved Two Questions

    The file with your website history and Bookmarks is called "places.sqlite". Copy that file to the new PC. To transfer your Passwords copy these two files, the "key4.db and logins.json". Personally I would just Copy the entire Profile to the new computer, then both computers will be identical...
  15. billmcct

    Quick easy way to format the HD and erase all files?

    Windows 8.1 should have the Driver. Just update the driver in "Device manager".
  16. billmcct

    Can't remove external HD without completely shutting down. "This device is currently in use. Close any programs... that might be using the device"

    Well, not all externals flash to show data transfer. I have 4 WD 4TB drives and two very old Seagate 1 TB drives that flash when reading or writing to them. I also have two newer Seagate 4TB "Backup Plus" drives and one of them the light doesn't work at all. The other Does Not flash ever...
  17. billmcct

    Can't remove external HD without completely shutting down. "This device is currently in use. Close any programs... that might be using the device"

    I would say that your Antivirus is monitoring the drive. The "Safely remove hardware" icon is a waste of time and is completely unneeded since NO versions of Windows after Win 98 uses Windows Delayed Write on any external drives unless you enable it yourself. I just look at the indicator lights...
  18. billmcct

    what's the windows 8.1 best registry repair freeware (or other recommended freeware)

    @TechnoMage, I have to agree somewhat. To start there is no such thing as registry REPAIR software. Only registry CLEANERS. I too use a program (WISE RC) to clean out the useless junk and another to defrag and compact the registry. I have never in over 20 years had any problems in doing this. I...
  19. billmcct

    Windows 7 File Recovery

    AFAIR when upgrading Win 7 to Win 8 the option was left over in the control panel. With the upgrade to Win 8.1, MS Removed the leftover option from the control panel. Don't think you can get it back. This only happened when upgrading Win 7. A new install of Win 8 wouldn't have that in the...
  20. billmcct

    Windows 8.1 cannot install SMB feature

    I was thinking that it was for Servers.