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  1. jladwig

    VLC app for Windows 8 planned release Monday, March 10

    What kills me is there are a Plethora of fake VLC apps, some or most that do absolutely nothing. No functionality, wont even play video's let alone a DVD and you have to pay for them without a trial period so when you find out it does absolutely nothing your stuck. Here's the killer - Videolan...
  2. jladwig

    Solved Weird folder after reinstalling windows 8.1

    Your welcome and thanks for rep...
  3. jladwig

    Solved Weird folder after reinstalling windows 8.1

    I know you've probably set UAC, but maybe when you upgraded to 8.1 it reset. I know even when it's set to Never Notify it still wants confirmation for some things. When I launch CCleaner it still asks me to confirm that I want to run it. But that being said I've come to realize and appreciate...
  4. jladwig

    Solved Weird folder after reinstalling windows 8.1

    The problem with the orphaned update folder is you will need to go inside the folder and take ownership of what's inside and if there are folders inside then you will need to go inside and take ownership of the objects . folders etc.. when you have ownership of the folder and everything...
  5. jladwig

    Solved Weird folder after reinstalling windows 8.1

    I noticed you stated you took ownership but after that did you go back in and set your rights. Just because you take ownership does not give you the rights you may need to delete the folder.
  6. jladwig

    Solved Weird folder after reinstalling windows 8.1

    These are usually a failed Windows Update. You can delete the folder by taking ownership - Then setting your rights. Right click on the folder and choose Properties. Select the Security Tab Click on the Advanced button At the top will show the Owner, Click on Change Set the owner to your...
  7. jladwig

    Windows Explorer Metro app?

    Interesting note - There are other Modern or Metro apps available that are made for file exploration/management but they are not allowed (according to developers - by Microsoft) to launch executable files. Skydrive does not have that problem. It can run executable files.
  8. jladwig

    Here Are 24 Countries Where Windows Phone Outsells...

    Just got my wife that phone and also a 64g flash drive so I know it does take a flash drive. Flash drive for Nokia 520 - Zectron UHS-1 64GB SDXC Micro Class 10 Memory Card for Nokia Lumia 520: Computers & Accessories
  9. jladwig

    Whats new in Windows 8.1 in IT

    WMC - Unfortunately the infrastructure is not in place in many places to be able to take advantage of Film Services or On-line TV. I live in the UP of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior. I live in a log-cabin in the middle of the woods and the only option I have is Satellite for TV or...
  10. jladwig

    Question on " gadgets"

    Google Rainmeter
  11. jladwig

    Which Web Browser Is Best Under Windows 8?

    I want to use the modern UI, with a Modern or Metro style browser and still have add-ons. The only browser that does that currently is Chrome. I like the modern or metro IE11 and if it allowed only one add-on - LASTPass, or if it's password management was even remotely close to LASTpass I...
  12. jladwig

    Solved How do you play videos consecutively in Windows?

    Yes Windows Media Player does do that. That ability been around for long time in Media Player and I would be surprised if you didn't know that. What I was giving was an option for a MODERN or Windows 8 application if someone was looking for one. But nothing wrong with old technology if that...
  13. jladwig

    Solved How do you play videos consecutively in Windows?

    If your looking for a modern or Windows 8.1 application that not only plays multiple videos consecutively, but let's you save them as a playlist and be able to select the playlist to play again then I've found only one application that does that - Multimedia 8.
  14. jladwig

    Solved DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. after upgrading to Windows 8.1

    Thank you very much for the reply. I will try these suggestion and report back....
  15. jladwig

    Solved DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. after upgrading to Windows 8.1

    Hello - After Upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 I am getting a BSOD approximate 2-3 min after coming out of sleep. I have media center running on the PC and a Harmony 880 remote that the power button is set to - turn the TV, DishTV box, the 7.2 surround Sound receiver powered off and the PC to...
  16. jladwig

    Update to review blocked on the Windows App store

    Can anyone tell me why this review was blocked on Windows App Store for violating the Windows Store Terms of Use? Original review for Windows 8.0 - My review for the Microsoft Music application after an update removed a feature - Apparently there was an update that removed the full screen...
  17. jladwig

    Can I make shortcut for SHUTDOWN/RESTART on desktop/Start?

    Here another solution, copy the text between the lines blow and paste into a text editor such as Notepad. Save the file with a .reg extension example: Contextmenu.reg Double click on the file as you would to run an application and when prompted to add to the registry click on Yes or Ok...
  18. jladwig

    Windows 8 Pop up keyboard in Desktop mode

    I found this and have not tried it but if it works for you let me know - My fix for keyboard popup in "Desktop" mode
  19. jladwig

    Windows 8 Pop up keyboard in Desktop mode

    Right click on the Taskbar when on the desktop and from the menu select - Toolbars/Touch Keyboard. Will put a shortcut on the Taskbar -
  20. jladwig

    Solved How to change Internet sites shortcut Icon on Metro Dsktp?

    Unfortunately WinAero: Pin to 8 does not work with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update according to the Web Site - WARNING! The Pin to 8 application will not work properly witn Windows 8.1 RTM. Microsoft has disabled the programmatic access to Start Screen items pinning. This is impossible to fix...