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  1. Dirty Butter

    Windows Update Notification for December 10th 2013

    Posted on another thread - had issues, System Restored, made a few changes to my setup, installed again one by one = no problems.
  2. Dirty Butter

    Network failure after loading latest updates to Win 8.1

    I have a Samsung Ultra notebook. I finally realized I could download each update separately by double clicking on it in History and then finding the proper download links in the file linked to from the popup. It should have been easier than that. But anyway, the updates the other day revealed...
  3. Dirty Butter

    Network failure after loading latest updates to Win 8.1

    I had to roll back with System Restore as well. But immediately after the download I did get a printer driver update warning - so they have made some kind of change that necessitated at least that driver change. My issue was that I could not get images to show in Outlook 2010 emails - didn't...
  4. Dirty Butter

    Solved DYMO 450 Labeller

    Glad yours worked. I ended up talking to Endicia support, and they said they had found a small number of 450's that just would not work with 8. They sent me a new one and I returned mine.
  5. Dirty Butter

    Solved How to Disable Camera completely?

    Thanks! Looked straight past it!
  6. Dirty Butter

    Solved How to Disable Camera completely?

    I've seen tutorials for disabling the Camera on the Lock Screen, but how do I disable the camera completely?
  7. Dirty Butter

    Solved Where is the download stored of windows 8.1

    I upgraded to 8.1 without issues, but tried the setup.exe in the $Window.~BT folder to see if I would be able to use that directory for a future re-install, if needed. The setup opened to the blue Windows rectangle, but after a few moments I had an error message saying the install could not...
  8. Dirty Butter

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    I didn't even make it through the day without getting rid of Microsoft's pitiful 8.1 Start button and returning to Classic Shell. Thank you for such a useful tool!
  9. Dirty Butter

    Solved 8.1 Successes?

    Mine seems fine.
  10. Dirty Butter

    Solved click Download. No indication of download in progress

    I had a % progress notice in the top right corner of Metro.
  11. Dirty Butter

    Store's Tile Still Says 'Windows 8.1 Preview' On Day One

    Brink wanted me to post a screenshot of this odd tile, but it was too late. Can you please post your screenshot of it?
  12. Dirty Butter

    Store's Tile Still Says 'Windows 8.1 Preview' On Day One

    I had this same preview tile this morning. I didn't intend to install it, expecting to get a download link so I could see what the link said. Well, I clicked it and the install started immediately - took a good while, but the install into full 8.1 went well.
  13. Dirty Butter

    It's officially CONFIRMED?Default boot directly to desktop

    Thanks for the screenshot. Been looking for this for quite a while today!
  14. Dirty Butter

    Windows 8.1 now available!

    Sorry, I intended to just take a peak at the download file, but instead it started an install. At least it did install correctly, so one of the Microsoft servers must have the wrong image for the Store file. It definitely offered 8.1. Preview, instead of 8.1.
  15. Dirty Butter

    Windows 8.1 now available!

    I think I've made a huge goof. I expected a download file, so I've clicked on the store tile. It seems to b an automatic upgrade. NOT what I wanted to do.
  16. Dirty Butter

    Windows 8.1 now available!

    I've installed all Windows Updates and I'm running 8. I have never tried to download or install the preview 8.1.
  17. Dirty Butter

    Windows 8.1 now available!

    Waited a while now, but Store still seems to think I'm going to get the Preview. If I click to download it, what will the file name of the proper 8.1 zip be, as opposed to the preview version?
  18. Dirty Butter

    Windows 8.1 now available!

    Store tile says 8.1 PREVIEW. I was not expecting that.
  19. Dirty Butter

    Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

    The tile just showed up on my Store, but it says 8.1 PREVIEW. Is that what everyone else is seeing? I purposefully did NOT install the preview, and sure don't want it now.
  20. Dirty Butter

    Microsoft to Launch the Latest Windows 8.1 RTM Updates...

    I had a huge number of Windows Updates last night. I'm on 8.