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    Windows 8 Consumer preview Released

    How are you guys coping with this?? To me 7955 was a better experience. This is a disaster Metro and the desktop are so disconnected its like the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing?? Inside the metro music app you can't select files off another drive? Are you serious? I can't send M$...
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    Windows 8 will be 'largely irrelevant' to traditional PC users: IDC

    I guess you can call me a tablet fanboy, I've been using Android, WebOS, and the Blackberry playbook for a couple of months now, and with that being said I believe that Blackberry, well RIM, has done the best job integrating full screen apps, and touch. They made the bezel part of the experience...
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    BUILD with Windows 8

    Just watched the keynote. Its going to be a loooong night!
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    Windows 8 Build 7989 leaked

    I found that running similar benchmarks in IE 9 and IE Platform Preview 10 on my systems.
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    What Are You Listening To?
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    Word association

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    Last Letter Game

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    Keep One Change One

    Forum Game
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    Windows 8 stuck at standard theme

    Boot into Windows 8 and then press cntrl+shift+f12
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    Word association

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    Keep One Change One

    No Chance
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    Last Letter Game

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    Word association

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    Keep One Change One

    Color Blind
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    Start Screen Resolution

    It has nothing to do with screen resolution you need to unlock the features using RedPill. Once you install RedPill you will be able to use the new log in screen.
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    Leaked Power point PPT of Windows 8

    Interesting but I am a little skeptical these could be all to easily faked.
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    Keep One Change One

    Witness Stand
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    Word association

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    Last Letter Game

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    How to Create “Protogon” File System in Windows 8 M2/M3

    Very interesting indeed. I think I will give this a try on the partition I have 7955 on.