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  1. chuckr

    Is there a plan B.?

    Nothing... It'll still be pre-loaded on every machine that anybody buys. There will be no options...
  2. chuckr

    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    "Real-time" qualification... Where I can program a "Heart/Lung Monitor" with 'guaranteed' response times from the Operating System, to my software...
  3. chuckr

    "Am I able to upgrade to Windows 8?" ;)

    Kari, Aim higher: Windows IX and X (saw that somewhere before)... :D
  4. chuckr


    minus 8 , I think. I'm new here...
  5. chuckr

    The battle ahead: Google Chrome OS vs. Microsoft's

    A personal letter from one of the most eminent scientists in Operating Systems research (Multics) can spell this out a little more clearly for you: Google: Corbató
  6. chuckr

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    I don't think so. We'll have to wait and see.
  7. chuckr

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Aloha ! I'm new here... Aloha.
  8. chuckr

    when do you think windows 8 first build leak?

    Is there a Windows 8 already ?
  9. chuckr

    Reputation And Badges?

    Test message... Send a rep... :D