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  1. mick823

    Microsoft's Surface strategy: As long as it takes

    Too Expensive When I was in the market for a tablet I walked right past both Apple and Microsoft when I saw the price tags. $150 for a Samsung Android 7" device is what I ended up buying. My first tablet and I will be darned if I was going to cough up big money on something I wasn't even...
  2. mick823

    Windows 8.1 Update 2 Confirmed

    I have tried them all and StartIsBack is the best of the bunch IMO. It is the only one of the 3rd party start menu apps that looks and functions like it is native to the operating system. All of the rest of them look and work like add on software. The colors don't quite match.......the text is...
  3. mick823

    windows 8 key

    I am not sure on that question. I kept my original USB installation and I use that for any problems. Another option is to make an Image of your existing installation and transfer that to the SSD.
  4. mick823

    windows 8 key

    Record the generic product key from the other post. You may need it twice. Once to create an installation media (USB or DVD) and again to install to your SSD. Click on the link to down load the media. It will ask you for a product ID. You will use the generic key. When you get to the step to...
  5. mick823

    windows 8 key

    Here is a how to from another forum thread. Download ISO here. Use the GENERIC code from the other post (message #3) to start the download. Upgrading Windows with only a product key...
  6. mick823

    Why I love today’s Windows 8.1 Update

    One thing I noticed when using the "X" in the upper right corner to close out a modern app is that the app is still running in the background when you check in the task manager. If I close out an app I would expect it to quit running. Tested with the App Store and Skype.
  7. mick823

    Windows 8.1 Update: The IT Pro Perspective

    I read an article yesterday that stated the new release uses 60% less hard drive space for the operating system. Can you confirm?
  8. mick823

    Remove Windows 8 from my DELL INSPIRON 1545.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 which is almost the same as the 1545. I have upgraded/downgraded this machine several times. Put the DVD in the drive and see if it starts the W7???? or W8???? installation on its own. If not open the DVD directory and select the setup.exe program. If it still...
  9. mick823

    Remove Windows 8 from my DELL INSPIRON 1545.

    Your post is unclear. Do you mean downgrade from W8.1 to W8 or downgrade from W8 to W7?
  10. mick823

    Solved Home Pages will not save

    You are welcome. Don't forget to to mark your post as solved.
  11. mick823

    Solved Home Pages will not save

    Try uninstalling the Firefox Browser and reinstalling. There is a way to save your profile but I wouldn't recommend it in this case. Start fresh with a new install. If you still have a problem you can get rid of the residual profile information by navigating to the...
  12. mick823

    alternative email client to Outlook (NOT WEB BASED) please

    Thunderbird Development The statement about no more development started back in July of 2012 when Thunderbird was at version 13. Here we are a year and a half later sitting on version 24.2. I think the email client meets all of the requirements requested so I wouldn't discard it as a viable...
  13. mick823

    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    That's exactly what I did. There is plenty of software out there to make W8/W8.1 work the way you want it to work. If it doesn't work the way you want out of the box then you modify the box.
  14. mick823

    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    Here you go. Works with W8 or W8.1. Looks and works exactly like the original. I have been using it since W8 was introduced. Windows Desktop Gadgets - Frequently Asked Questions
  15. mick823

    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    My friends at StartIsBack will lose an income if this is true. I have bought 4 licenses at a cost of only $10 and it was the best money I have ever spent on a software. The program integrates seamlessly with Window 8 or 8.1. for $2.50 per machine and has every option you could ask for in a 3rd...
  16. mick823

    Mozilla takes another stab at elusive multiprocess Firefox

    I have been using FF for quite a long time. The one thing that always bugged me was the start up time when you are using the Adblock+ extension. Some guy came up with a preloader extension that loads a bunch of the needed files into memory so it was much faster on startup even with the Adblock+...
  17. mick823

    HomeGroup Icon on win 8.1 desktop

    Right clicking on the desktop and doing a refresh works for clearing the Homegroup icon. My netbook was giving me a problem with the icon appearing about half of the time on a reboot or start. Shawn's registry tweak from this blog seems to have fixed it for me. I downloaded the...
  18. mick823

    do not see Windows 8.1 upgrade in my store

    You could try downloading the windows 8.1 ISO as described here and then do an upgrade or clean install. You will need a generic product ID to do the install and then activate with your Windows 8 key afterwords. Do the download from the computer you are trying to upgrade so you get the correct...
  19. mick823

    DDR4 Next-gen memory. Next-gen performance.

    I already had a 4GB stick of DDR3 that I tried in the new netbook before buying. The board supports just 3 GB however whether 32 bit or 64 bit OS. The old netbook may have been maxed out at 2GB but may have supported more. Both machine specs say 2 GB max. I guess the only way to know for sure is...
  20. mick823

    DDR4 Next-gen memory. Next-gen performance.

    I can't figure out why DDR3 RAM is so much cheaper than DDR2. I bought a 4GB stick of DDR3 for my newer netbook for $19.99 USD. I was going to give the old netbook to the grandkids after increasing the DDR2 RAM until I saw the price tag of $75+ for a 4GB stick. They will just have to get by with...