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  1. Aeny

    Alienware M14x R2 intergrated graphic.

    1. Desktop != Laptop 2. Sometimes dGPU is used but iGPU name is reported, atleast that's what I've heard, the switching can be kind of buggy. 3. Google what scores others are getting with a GT550m/your complete laptop, if they're in line with what you got, see 2. 4. If you're still not happy...
  2. Aeny

    Windows and Intel HD Graphics and support for WDDM 1.2, riddle

    Apparantly they did, The Intel HD IGP's included in the fist generation core I processors will now get legacy drivers like the one that's standard in Windows 8. (source) Means a lot of stripped out functions like no or very limited OpenGL support as these drivers even fail to launch Minecraft...
  3. Aeny

    Solved Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation

    I can't get these to install on the Release Preview. "A problem was encountered while attempting to add the driver to the store." I was hoping these drivers would solve the issues I have with the current MS driver which is supposed to be newer. ~Aeny EDIT: Fixed by running "bcdedit.exe...
  4. Aeny

    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    ^This, it's always a disappointment downloading these and then finding out they don't install on the first gen core I processors. Intel, I am dissapoint. ~Aeny
  5. Aeny

    Solved Driver or harddisk error?

    PCI Simple Communications Controller is probably Intel MEI. Driver can be found here: Intel® Management Engine Interface (MEI/HECI) About halfway trough the page. Couldn't instantly locate it on Intel's website. ~Aeny
  6. Aeny

    using an old laptop lcd as a secondary monitor+webcam

    Second picture gold-ish colored ones seem to be your wireless antenna's. I think the connector in the first picture is what passes the data to the screen and then some (LVDS connector is what it is called I think?). The leftover connector on your second picture.. no idea what that is, I didn't...
  7. Aeny

    Corsair Force III showing bad name in "Safely remove hardware".

    So for some reason the BIOS suddenly decided all my SATA ports should be hot swappable I suppose. My C drive where my Windows install resides suddenly shows up under the "Safely remove hardware and Eject Media" thingy. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but now it's showing up as "oCsria roFcr e...
  8. Aeny

    Solved Mysterious rare BSoD when resuming from sleep.

    Thanks for the extremely fast reply, +rep coming soon. Also, I think I know what is causing this crash. Having a vbox USB filter for ALL devices set (otherwise it wouldn't pick up any of my usb drives/flowcode buggy). Since VirtualBox is up to date on my machine and it's probably the filter...
  9. Aeny

    Solved Mysterious rare BSoD when resuming from sleep.

    Hi all, Windows 8 having trouble again on my machine but it's probably somehow my fault :geek:. Rarely (about every 2days) The machine crashes when resuming from sleep (e.g. Opening the lid of the laptop). Usually this doesn't even show an image on screen, it stays black and I have to reset it...
  10. Aeny

    Solved Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

    Any way to make these compatible with the 1st generation I series IGP's? Other drivers listed here work just fine on it. ~Aeny
  11. Aeny

    Vhd extension, numpad trouble and random lockscreen

    Since I installed VirtualBox and didn't watch what extensions it was hijacking I lost the very handy ability to double click a .vhd file and automatically get it mounted. How can I restore this to it's original setting? I tried setting it to explorer.exe as I thought that was how it was...
  12. Aeny

    New Realtek HD Audio codec drivers 2.68

    I can't get this one to install actually, the install always stops responding & crashes after extracting everything. :huh: Currently I'm on .6586 from 06/03/2012. I'm going to try removing those first and then installing the newest ones.. we'll see.. ~Aeny
  13. Aeny

    Solved Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

    Both and complain about Windows 8 here. When running the installer it complains about not meeting the minimum specs. When manually trying to install with the 'have disk' method I get: "The driver selected for this device does not support this version of Windows."...
  14. Aeny

    Need some help with a dimming problem

    I had this problem on my Inspiron 1564, a BIOS update fixed it. Another thing that can fix it is locking the brightness of the screen in the BIOS (or turning the sensor OFF there). However I don't know if your BIOS support such things. ~Aeny
  15. Aeny

    Solved Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

    Version works fine on my i3 330m, score in WEI drops but I'm finally able to run GTA San Andreas on my native resolution with everything on lowest without stuttering. However, did not install. But the included Intel Display Audio driver installed fine and is a few...
  16. Aeny

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death

    Yep I did install VirtualBox again to see if that fixed it, didn't help. Here's the minidump. ~Aeny
  17. Aeny

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death

    After about 11 hours of up time the same BSoD returned, want me to attach the minidump here? Or not needed? ~Aeny
  18. Aeny

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll install VirtualBox ASAP and report back on how it does. I think they're referencing to the guest windows 8 in their logs though, and not the host OS. ~Aeny
  19. Aeny

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death

    So, currently my 1564 is at 2 days and 10 minutes of up time. Seems to me the issue is solved and that VirtualBox was the cause. I still got "The IO operation at logical block address 6009d0 for Disk 1 was retried." twice in the event viewer in these 2 days. Other than that the event log is...
  20. Aeny

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death

    So my 1564 has been running for 1day 7hours 51minutes and 59seconds now without any BSoD or other previously mentioned symptoms. (see screenshot as proof of uptime). So, can we conclude that VirtualBox and Windows 8 don't like eachother? Or do I need to run longer? EDIT: while I was...