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  1. Narayan

    Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PC & Xbox One

    Hey Guys, After a long waiting finally Rockstar Games confirmed the PC & Xbox One Version of Grand Theft Auto V which went block buster hit in previous Gen Consoles. It's gonna release Later this Year in the month of October Grand Theft Auto V Coming this Fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC...
  2. Narayan

    Keep One Change One [11]

    Red Car
  3. Narayan

    Why Is FIFA 14 Only 1000MB In Windows 8.1 App Store?

    Hey Guys, Yesterday I was moving around the App Store and suddenly I saw this:- FIFA 14 app for Windows in the Windows Store This is the PC version of FIFA 14. But one thing I can't understand that is the size of the game specified on the App Store of this game is only 1000MB? How can this...
  4. Narayan

    What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?

    Hello Guys, Now That Xbox One Is Released, What In Your All Opinion The Next Xbox Will Be Called? Will It Be Xbox Ultra, Xbox Pro, Xbox Extreme Or Anything Else? What Are Your Opinions?
  5. Narayan

    Last Letter Game [10]

  6. Narayan

    Last Letter Game [10]

  7. Narayan

    EA Games OR Rockstar Games? Which One Do You Like More?

    Hello Guys, Just Want To Ask Which Gaming Company (And Of-course Games) Do You Like More? EA Games OR Rockstar Games Just Vote The One You Like More. ;):D
  8. Narayan

    Which One Are You Buying? iPad 5 Or Surface Pro 2

    As You all know that both Microsoft And Apple are about to release their next Gen. Tablets, so which one are you all going to buy? Apple iPad 5 OR Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Vote and Answer. :)
  9. Narayan

    Last Letter Game [9]

  10. Narayan

    Which Is Better Microsoft Xbox One Or Sony PS4 ?

    Hello Guys, I am gonna buy a new gaming console and as the release of both the next Generation Gaming Console are near so I want to get one from this both. So, please help me Which One Should I get? I have heard good things about the PS4 but still Xbox One looks better and its from Microsoft...
  11. Narayan

    Is Toshiba Satellite P70 A Good Windows 8 Laptop?

    Hello, As the release of the three things at the same time, 1) 4th Generation Intel Core Processor 2) Windows 8.1 3) NVIDIA Geforce 700 Series Graphics Card I want a new laptop with all these three things and the only that I can see is this Toshiba Satellite P70-AST2GX1 Laptop Its a very good...
  12. Narayan

    How To Download Windows 8.1 Faster?

    Hello, I am looking to download and install Windows 8.1 Pro Preview on my XPS. So, I went to Microsoft Website and started downloading the x64 English but when I looked into its speed I was just Shocked :confused:. Its Downloading at 1.2 MBPS which is just unbelievable. I am paying around $30...
  13. Narayan

    How To Get Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012?

    Thank You Very Much, Jimbo. I have downloaded it and using it. It works Great:cool: Thank You Very Much......:D
  14. Narayan

    AMD VS Intel. Which One Do You Like?

    As, written above write and vote that which one do you like more? AMD Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD OR Intel Ultrabook, SmartPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Server, & Embedded? Intel
  15. Narayan

    How To Get Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012?

    Hello Friends, I am building a programming project and would require a Virtualization software to try it. So, I thought to get the Standalone Hyper-V Server 2012. So, does anyone know how to get them? I have heard that they are a standalone Operating System then installs on the Hard Drive and...
  16. Narayan

    Which Is Better VirtualBox Or VMware Workstation 9

    OK, Thank you all for helping and I am ready to use Oracle VM VirtualBox. But does anyone know how to enable EFI support on VBox? Thank You............:)
  17. Narayan

    Which Is Better VirtualBox Or VMware Workstation 9

    Hello Guys, Hope you all are fine. I want to install some of the programs and OS that I want to test before installing them on my actual computer. But, here I am confused between the two Virtualization Products:- 1) Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.16 2) VMware Workstation 9.0.2 Both of these are...
  18. Narayan

    Solved How To Activate Windows 8 Enterprise?

    No, I don't have any type of license. I just want to install Windows 8 Enterprise on my Desktop Computer as currently it has Windows 7. So, I want to ask that After 90-Days what will happen? Will my windows be blocked? And if its Trail then there should be also way to get License to it. What is...
  19. Narayan

    Windows 'Blue': Microsoft blows it

    Oh, I See.