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  1. Slab

    Possiblibly Hacked, Please Confirm

    You should probably start locking your computer before you go to sleep. Download malwarebytes and do a full scan, it may take a while.
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    CTRL key doesn't work, Windows 8.1

    A while ago i cleaned out my keyboard. Later after that, both my CTRL keys don't work properly, and the button to turn wireless off and on does not glow blue. When trying to copy something, Right CTRL+V just prints out L;j. Pressing it in general turns the volume up or down. It makes generally...
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    Wasted xD

    GTAGarage has plenty of GTA 4 mods. Also, a word of warning, stay away from the Angry Planes mod.
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    Solved Application Error while starting Football Manager 15

    Since what you posted, this is either a issue with Football Manager 2015 and steam. Try reinstalling Manager first, if that doesn't work reinstall steam. If both of these don't work, then i dont know.
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    Are We Dying????

    Regardless of the millions using using new OS'es, like Windows 10, there are still billions and million of people using now called "old" systems, like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Even XP and etc. There's even a small minority of people that use Windows 3.1 and 95/98. But that's not gonna be for a...