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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    Try: Autoruns for Windows the entry should be there.
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    "Program" is left in the Start-up when you uninstall a program that didn't manage to remove that entry correctly. In fact, that entry is now empty and doesn't call anything, but just stays there in the Task Manager. Download: WhatInStartup - Disable/delete programs at Windows startup run then...
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    Solved Extract driver from machine 1 and install it in machine 2?

    Then download: Driver 4.1 Backup Download. Unzip and run, you will get a screen with the names of the drivers. check mark on what you want, click on back up now. Save it to a USB. Connect to the other PC then restore:
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    Solved Extracting drivers

    Those are marked in orange, right click on them->Add Devices then do a Remove.
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    Solved Extracting drivers

    Just do what I suggested above. Once Windows is up and running. Download a portable version: GhostBuster - Download: GhostBuster Setup (110700) Put it on the desktop, right click and run as Admin, click on Remove Ghosts. Those hidden drivers should be gone.
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    Solved Extracting drivers

    Unlike the previous versions of Windows. Windows 8/8.1 is very forgiving and I have done quite few times by cloning a copy of Windows 8.1 on one PC and install the drive to another PC. This practically the same as replacing the MB and other devices and Windows will start and the first screen...
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    Ransomware hijacked boot menu, F8

    If you wish, you can try: Download: Linux Mint 17.2 "Rafaela" - MATE (64-bit) - Linux Mint Use: Rufus - Create bootable USB to create a bootable Boot up the PC with the USB. Navigate to: C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack. All the files under this folder are the backup registry files. Copy them...
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    Disk management - removing the recovery partition

    What make you think that you have a Raid 0 configuration ? For Raid 0, you must have 2 or more of identical drives. DO you have that setup ? You did not mention anything about Raid 0 in your original post. In order to extend the volume. You must have the 20GB unallocated space next to the right...
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    Solved how to get command prompt to open in userprofile

    I've already answered in 10 Forum but here's it is again: Create a shortcut with: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /K cd %USERPROFILE% and set to run as Admin Here's the shotcut:
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    Disk management - removing the recovery partition

    Disk management won't allow you to delete System reserved/Recovery partition. You'll need to use diskpart command run from Admin command prompt. Open Admin command prompt and type diskpart list disk select disk # where # is the disk number contains the 20GB recovery partition list partition...
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    Hard disk bad sector, PC ran itno error screen

    Download: unzip and run. If there's a warning with yellow exclamation mark, the disk is going to get worse then it's time to backup personal data and replace it. If not, you can continue using it. In addition run the below to see if you can fix the corrupted system...
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    MSConfig locked on selective startup.

    This is a normal behaviour. All my PC's are running in selective mode and the reason for that is if you disable any service(s), startup item(s) then it becomes "Selective"
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    Solved Shrinking C drive without affecting recovery options

    Yes, it will unless your new partition is moved to the end after the 14.34GB recovery partition. There's a hidden 128MB MSR partition which disk management does not show. So counting from left to right, the factory recovery partition is partition #7 as also indicated in the result of reagentc...
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    Solved Shrinking C drive without affecting recovery options

    Open the Admin command prompt and run: reagentc /info Please post the screen shot of the result
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    HDD system image to DVD system image

    A 128GB USB stick would cost ranging from $30 ~ $60. A 500HD would cost around $40 ~ $50. IMHO, you'd better be off getting a 500GB HD for backup purpose. It is a lot faster to backup and restore. Sure, there is a way to split the image into a small chunks such as free File Splitter and Joiner...
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    Solved System Image Backup in vhdx format on external not working

    You are welcome and thanks for reporting back. Your solution will help others with same problem. BTW, For system image backup, I highly recommend: Macrium Reflect Free. It is very easy to use and very reliable
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    Problem Installing Windows 10 From windows ~BT folder

    Download this: Windows 10 Download and put it in a USB/DVD then run setup from there. NOTE: Before upgrade to Windows 10. Make a backup image of your current Windows first. Just in case something goes wrong. Use: Macrium Reflect Free to make a backup image.
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    Solved Losing Too Many Packets - Wifi barely working on laptop

    You should not have any problem resetting the router even it was provided by your ISP. All it does is to reset the router default LAN address, clear up the DNS Cache, clear the Admin Password and set back to default. Depend on what type of subcription you have with them whether you have static...
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    4 pin power supply problem

    You can try to take the whole MB out of the case and test again to make sure that it is not shorted. If it does not work then you'd have to replace the MB. I don't think you can find any where that they can do MB repair. It would cost a lot more and time to do this kind of job.
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    How to copy and paste Windows 8 restore point?

    Seriously, If it takes 3 hours to make a backup or even an hour, I would not bother to do it either. What I don't understand is why it takes you that long unless you have a good amount of personal data together with Windows OS and you are creating backup to a USB or DVD. You might want to...