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  1. Mr Sardonicus

    Messed up sound

    Try System restore.
  2. Mr Sardonicus

    Official Microsoft ISO/Media Creation Tool

    The Window 8.1 Pro ISO is Windows 8.1.1. PRO. If you go to the start menu, you can tell by the power icon in the right corner, which only appears on Windows 8.1.1. The great news is that we got a Windows 8.1.1 ISO from Microsoft.
  3. Mr Sardonicus

    Windows 8.5

    Hey, what happened to 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4. Also, they jumped from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Who's numbering these things, anyway. I looked at my calender and April 1st is five months away. :what:
  4. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved Asus RT-N66U Stuck in Boot Loop. Please Help!

    For ASUS RT N66U: WPS button: pressing the Red WPS button while power-up, will clear the NVRAM. All settings are stored in NVRAM of this ASUS router. Clearing the NVRAM is the most efficient way to reset the router to default settings. That is: press and hold the WPS button, keep pressing...
  5. Mr Sardonicus

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    Once you've selected the default factory settings, save your settings. Reboot. Done.
  6. Mr Sardonicus

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    Some manufacturers provide the same version on their site, that is on the disc. I had the WR-1043ND and that was the case. So, unless they release a firmware update to address a specific detrimental security threat, you may never see another firmware update, or it may take awhile.
  7. Mr Sardonicus

    Messed up resolution

    Install the AMD or Nvidia driver package and go to the settings and you should see all the video resolutions that are available.
  8. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved Intel HD Graphics Driver Details

    If you want know if your driver is current, look at the "Driver Version". You can then go to the Intel Download Center for the latest version.
  9. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved AMD Radeon R7 260X: is it good for Blender?

    You should be fine, as long as the card supports OpenGL.
  10. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved AMD Radeon R7 260X: is it good for Blender?

    Requirements - - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software
  11. Mr Sardonicus

    Nexus 5 wont show in Win Explorer

    Go into Settings, About Device, tap on the Build number constantly to get to the Developer mode. Go back to the previous screen. Select Developer options. Enable USB debugging.
  12. Mr Sardonicus

    Microsoft Kills Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    Well, they may not be in the red, or anywhere near being in the red, but they have products out there that are reducing profits. Sometimes, they have to just take a hit and move on. It's smart, at this late stage to start moving away from Windows 8 and start focusing on Windows 9.
  13. Mr Sardonicus

    windows media player

    What is the error?
  14. Mr Sardonicus

    Antivirus Software Isn't Very Secure, Researchers Find

    We aren't going to abandon our antivirus programs. :) We like the illusion of being safe, even if we're not. :thumbsup:
  15. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved OS totally destroyed, lost serial, can't afford to rebuy

    Can you boot to the desktop? If you can, you can retrieve your license, with particular programs.
  16. Mr Sardonicus

    Steve Ballmer to buy NBA LA Clippers for 2 BILLION $! LOL

    The team was purchased for 13 million. It sells for 2 billion. :what:
  17. Mr Sardonicus

    Disk Management - Online/Offline function/Dual Disk OS

    You can go to Disk management and remove the drive letter for "D".
  18. Mr Sardonicus

    Solved Windows Automatic Updates

    First, you want to see if the Maintenance schedule is checked. See step 5.
  19. Mr Sardonicus

    Is Java necessary?

    I use SageTV, which requires it, but other than that, I have no use for it.
  20. Mr Sardonicus

    Windows 8.1 Update 2 Confirmed

    8, 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.1.2......Boy, will the general public be confused. :what: