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    Windows 8 Secrets: Welcome Screen

    interesting... Lomghorn used the clock on logon screen...
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    Windows 8 M3 Leak – Be Careful What You Download, Especially Today

    april fools day.. only a dumb will belive in leaks...:huh:
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    Windows 8 to feature AeroLite UI with “Metro” look from WP7

    Very nice buttons elements from this new theme Aero Lite... would like to test this theme in my win seven :)
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    Windows Infinity?

    I really don't like names on Operating systems... I think numbers are way better... Windows 8... a simple and nice name.. just like Windows 7... ;)
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    Microsoft readying test systems for Windows 8

    Waiting for the first leak... :D
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    New Skin for 8!

    Wow, I love it :) Transparency... very beautiful
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    Roadmap reveals possible windows 8 launch date

    I told you... I will be 3 years...
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    Finding something to talk about

    Wow congratulation man... You are a big example for anyone that don't believe on the most aged for learning and follow the changes... You are very welcome on Forums... your experience always counts... :)
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    Finding something to talk about

    Old age? How old are you Lee?
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    Windows 8 theme!

    Nice theme Bull... I like the Logon screen...
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    "Am I able to upgrade to Windows 8?" ;)

    Only time will tell if we'll need new hardware for the upcoming Win 8...
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    has it already been called "8"?

    Yes... I think the name will be Windows 8... Like our friend said... It's logical and well better than freak names...
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    Custom Windows 8 Wallpapers

    Nice wallpapers folks:D
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    What Are You Watching?

    I love you Man... lol funny movie...
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    Inside Bill Gates' real Facebook account

    Sad.. Uncle Bill stopped using Facebook... I want to be his friend... :)
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    Show Us Your Rig!

    You guys have great machines... I have shame for showing mine now...:o
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    Tell me!

    Lol... that was funny...:D
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    When do you think Windows 8 Beta 1 will come out?

    if they make a totally new OS, I think 3 years...
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    New name

    No more freak names... just a number...
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    A funny point :P

    This the Microsoft bad cycle... Let's hope they can change this...