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  1. kipper

    Show us your WEI

    Went through my old components laying around and put this build together a week or so back......
  2. kipper

    wireless usb adaptor

    This might also be the fix for my problems, thanks
  3. kipper

    Solved How to do this on the desktop ?

    Stardock fences will do this
  4. kipper

    LightScribe for Windows 8 Released.

    Clean install no need for compatibility route with this update; works great with Surething 6.
  5. kipper

    Hard drive cooling

    You are right pparks, OP did not mention a Dell chassis or any chassis. So, looking at his system specs is where that came from. I was hoping he/she would come back with more information and we could go from there.
  6. kipper

    Hard drive cooling

    Not familiar with your Dell chassis but you might be able to MOD the case to accommodate extra fans. Templates for the different size fans are available on line so if you are handy with a dremel, drill, and small files you could most likely solve your project.
  7. kipper

    Cannot boot Dvd on Startup

    You most like just need to set the boot order in the BIOS to boot to the optical drive 1st and then to the hard drive.
  8. kipper

    Windows 8 blu ray player FREE

    The VSO Media Player Free works nicely as long as you have a decrypter such as the Free DVDFab HD Decrypter running in the background.
  9. kipper

    Looking for Windows 8 external dvd drive

    If you have the USB 2/3 ports available most all external writers/players will work just fine for you. I am running a 5.25 inch internal Blu-ray burner installed in an external enclosure on my Dell laptop right now and it works great. The slim-line burners which are 2.5 inch drives enclosed...
  10. kipper

    1TB USB3 thumb drive by Kingston

    The 1TB will be coming out later this quarter. As for pricing....... currenty lists the 512 GB drive at $ 1750,- that’s nearly $3.5 per GB. Most common SSDs currently go at about $1 per GB which still can’t compete to HDDs on a per GB scale.
  11. kipper

    Office 2013, any feedback yet? I like it so far...

    Seems maybe a little more streamlined I think; I do like the subtle changes in Outlook so far.
  12. kipper

    PC settings Shortcut for Windows 8

    Thanks Shawn
  13. kipper

    How to clean reinstall OEM Windows 8 (non-Pro)?

    If I understand what you are saying you could just do the install and then run PC Decrapifier. Works great for me anyways.
  14. kipper

    Xmas Present - FREE Drive Imaging program

    Noticed that they also have a FREE program for partitioning functions. Both programs are still offered as of posting this.
  15. kipper

    Scan with Windows Defender - Add in Windows 8

    Sweet, thanks Shawn
  16. kipper

    Keep One Change One [7]

    Self description Old age
  17. kipper

    Intel 'preparing' to put an end to user-replaceable CPUs

    Those producing High-End boards such as the ASUS ROG line will not be happy with Intel's new marketing scheme. Hopefully ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock and others will have some say about this.
  18. kipper

    Windows 8 not working with GTX 560 Ti

    Latest Nvidia drivers installed? Check in the BIOS settings regarding GPU????
  19. kipper

    Solved Do not install update version of Windows 8 on a clean hard drive

    Have you tried to re-install Win8 over top of the install you have now??? Try to install again and this time select upgrade install and let's see what happens.
  20. kipper

    Solved About to give up with Windows 8

    Have you ran the upgrade assistant from MS?