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  1. Everlong

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    Just received my notification now :D
  2. Everlong

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    Nope. Ran all the optional updates too to make sure I was all up-to-date and still nothing. I'll check again after work.
  3. Everlong

    Windows 10 Available on July 29

    Not seen anything yet, no notification or in Windows Update :(
  4. Everlong

    Screen resolution out of whack

    There's a Remote Desktop Connection Manager that you can download and you can set Remote Desktop resolutions in there, which should make it much more viewable. Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager from Official Microsoft Download Center
  5. Everlong

    GTX 980 Video Card

    As well, when Windows update does send out a GPU update it's always an older version. Like CountMike said, best to just grab the latest driver from the Nvidia website.
  6. Everlong

    Weird Question, Duel GPU's

    The increase in the longevity of the better card would be negligible at most. Despite switching your monitor to receive the output of the second card, the primary card would still be running. Cards use very little processing power when on the desktop and what not, and they already switch between...
  7. Everlong

    Windows 8 banned by top benchmarking/overclocking website.

    They were my thoughts as well. And to say it's another reason to stick with Windows 7 is going a bit far. It's hardly a show stopping bug. Though I did a stopwatch test myself, just like in the video on that page, and the Windows 8 clock didn't fluctuate or slow down at all. It seemed fine.
  8. Everlong

    Windows 8 banned by top benchmarking/overclocking website.

    Windows 8 banned by world’s top benchmarking and overclocking site | ExtremeTech
  9. Everlong

    Windows 8 really isn't that bad

    I tried the RTM on my main PC, and immediately started wacking things like Classic Shell on to it. I didn't take to Windows 8 at all, and uninstalled it. After I realised I wasn't going the right away on trying Windows 8. I was trying to make it too much like 7, and not trying it for what it...
  10. Everlong

    Windows 8 Changes Host File Blocking

    Windows 8 Changes Host File Blocking - Slashdot The change does seem to be how Windows Defender works. Following the link to the main article on there explains that disabling Windows Defender will stop this behaviour.
  11. Everlong

    Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Meh, semantics. I did it in about 15 seconds while my project manager was stood behind me when I should have been finishing off a report.
  12. Everlong

    Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Need to have a look if it's on the MSDNAA server.
  13. Everlong

    Solved Seven Forums Down

  14. Everlong

    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    I couldn't find it either. Closest I got was clicking my name in the "Start" menu and choosing "Log Off" to see if there was an option on the login screen. Took ages to log off even on my SSD, so I just hit the restart button on my PC and booted back in to 7 and got rid of the thing, lol. Not...
  15. Everlong

    Previewing ‘Windows 8’

    Err, I just think people will just stay on Windows 7.
  16. Everlong

    PC Hardware for Windows 8

    Funny thing is everyone complained XP's requirements were too high when the specs for it were released.
  17. Everlong

    Windows 8 portable workspace.

    Windows 8: Portable Workspace allows you to run Windows from a USB device | WinRumors Apparently it's in the leaked version that's around now, but I haven't tried it. I think they should have it in other versions other than Enterprise though. Providing they keep the same naming scheme...
  18. Everlong

    How Many Lawsuits Will Windows 8 Provoke?

    Seeing as anyone and everyone are suing anyone and everyone who release a new product in this day and age, there's obviously going to be a bunch at Microsoft.
  19. Everlong

    Directx 12

    The same was said about DX 10 lol. People said games will start to pick up on DX11.