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  1. Dave76

    Moving forward from Windows 8.1 Preview

    Times getting short for the preview, we'll be seeing posts about this soon.
  2. Dave76

    Xbox releases new video, music apps for Windows Phone 8

    The apps for the W8P are getting better, always able to find what I want.
  3. Dave76

    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    Some people have this issue, but not everybody, see below for explanation. Updated information: Venue 8 Pro Owner's Lounge Just getting ready to start mine up.
  4. Dave76

    Windows 8.1 - Update to from Windows 8

    Great tutorial, as usual. Just bought a Xmas laptop for my son, came with Win8, upgraded through the Store. It appears that MS has added all the Windows updates to the upgrade, only had three updates after installing Win8.1. Very good of them to keep it current.
  5. Dave76

    Dell Venue 8 Pro - does anybody have one

    There is a known issue with some Windows updates. venue 8 pro WiFi Issues - After Windows Update - DON NOT INSTALL KB2903939 What is being said is un-install these updates: KB2903939 KB2887595 KB2883200 Try one at a time as there are reports in the link above that some people install...
  6. Dave76

    Microsoft Expected to Release Windows 8.1 ISOs This Month

    Agree, MJB didn't work for me.
  7. Dave76

    Windows Phone bumps along with only 3.2% of U.S. market

    Nokia (soon to be bought by MS) has never been able to gain traction in the US, but they are very popular outside of North America, they do pretty well in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Their feature phones are doing very well in certain parts of the world, due to lower price. Nokia is...
  8. Dave76

    Dell gives up on Windows RT

    The Dell Venue Pro 8 with a Bay Trail Z3740D is said to be available on 18 October, other Bay Trail models are scheduled to be released at the same time. We'll find out for sure in less than two weeks. Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3740D This says: Status Launched, Q3'13 The Wife has a Atom...
  9. Dave76

    Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1 Upgrade Information for Win

    Yes, that is correct, a full version can be moved to another device, but not ran on two or more devices at the same time.
  10. Dave76

    Mozilla edges closer to replacing Flash with JavaScript

    Haven't ran Peacekeeper in a long time. From my desktop, Opera 17.0.1241.36. 5830, HTML5 Capabilities 5/7 From my laptop, 17.0.1241.36. 5255, HTML5 Capabalities 5/7
  11. Dave76

    Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1 Upgrade Information for Win

    When they say "not designed for", they are referring to the upgrade installation path, ie. installing from within your running Windows version, XP and Vista. You can do a clean install on just about any machine that can run XP, and any machine that runs Vista. Of coarse, you can buy Windows 8.1...
  12. Dave76

    Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1 Upgrade Information for Win

    Nah, Win8 will disappear fairly quickly being replaced by Windows 8.1.
  13. Dave76

    Microsoft is sole Windows RT tablet vendor as Dell's XPS 1

    "We were just ahead of our time, like most of our mistakes,” he (Bill Gates) said. This is true for several of their products/services, and, of coarse getting several of the main elements wrong, and bad advertising....
  14. Dave76

    Dell gives up on Windows RT

    With Bay Trail CPUs, there is now a way to make inexpensive tablets and laptops. Low temps, longer battery life, are only a couple of the advantages. Who would want to get less functionality when you can get a full Win8.1 OS on a 8" tablet. There are more Windows programs/apps available. I...
  15. Dave76

    Microsoft Admits MSE is Just Basic Protection

    Installed AVAST 2014 RC1 (9.0.2003), working fine with Win8.1.
  16. Dave76

    Latest version of Avast Antivirus

    New beta RC, AVAST 2014 RC1 (build number 9.0.2003) AVAST 2014 RC1 (9.0.2003) - Windows 8.1 compatibility
  17. Dave76

    Windows ecosystem in 2013 is more diverse than you think

    Computers are in a constant state of change, as always. Like it or not it will continue.
  18. Dave76

    Surface 2: Everything that's wrong with Microsoft's model

    From the above linked article: Another part was to compete with non Windows desktop devices, as most current tablets are, it's a different market area that MS wants to be a part of. With new low power CPUs there will be more Windows desktop tablets, which is not ideal for the desktop...
  19. Dave76

    Surface Pro 2 will be announced in NYC on Sept 23

    He is talking about the Surface 2, it now has the same screen that the previous Surface Pro had.
  20. Dave76

    8.1 Evaluation from Windows Secrets Newsletter

    This is the same thoughts I have when someone makes arguments about things that are a personnel preference, not a statistical fact, as they claim. Your post deserves a big green check mark, "Problem Solved". Now we can move on to other Windows 8.1 evaluation issues.