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  1. JLyman

    iTunes App

    If you downloaded an app from the iTunes store, you need to use the app on your Apple device. You cannot run iPhone/iPod/iPad apps on your machine.
  2. JLyman

    Defrag just opens up a command prompt then closes

    if you just run "defrag.exe" you need to specify parameters. defrag.exe is best run in a command line with the proper flags. In this case: defrag C: /u /v will show you the progress and results of defragmenting the C: volume. Like what was suggested, dfrgui.exe is the GUI-based version we're...
  3. JLyman

    [8.1] Add to Start Menu not working

    What apps in particular?
  4. JLyman

    Can't install 8.1 Preview on older computers

    Then yours is even older than I thought. I only saw this on AMD Dell 370s.
  5. JLyman

    [8.1] Add to Start Menu not working

    Check "All Apps" by moving your mouse so the downward arrow appears on the start screen. You'll have to find the app there and choose "Pin to Start." If you can't find it in the list, search for it, right click, and choose "Pin to Start." Both should get you the same result...
  6. JLyman

    Recording while gaming

    The only thing I can think of to try would be to go to your Control Panel > System > Advanced Settings. Choose Performance > Settings and under Visual Effects select "Adjust for best performance" and hit Apply.
  7. JLyman

    Your opinion on email security (outlook.exe)

    They're not stored in plain text (usually; they're not supposed to be) so you're generally safe. Accessing via a web browser is no better because it stores your password the same way as the local client.
  8. JLyman

    Can't install 8.1 Preview on older computers

    I saw this coming and knew it would throw some people off the boat but you have think about how many different hardware profiles there are and with the absence of that instruction set, extra code is required. This is also just an issue with AMD systems. If a Dell 370 had an Intel proc, it would...
  9. JLyman

    Solved Windows 8.1: Right-Click Menu for Explorer Disappeared

    This is what I see on my system (things I don't know if I can show are removed): I am running the publicly available build of 8.1 Preview.
  10. JLyman

    Buffering Issues with ASUS RT-N66U

    If you disconnect all the other devices from your router (wired, wireless) does it improve? When you say " the PC that the router is linked to" are you talking about modem - pc - router or modem - router - pc?
  11. JLyman

    "Windows is unable to activate" why would it do this ?

    There have been updates to Windows Activation that have taken place quietly via Windows Update. Some users are having to re-verify they're legit. It happens.
  12. JLyman

    Solved something was installed on my laptop and don't know it !

    if something was installed a little while back but the system was never restarted, most of the time it records the inital update date and not the re-configure date (when you actually restarted your system to apply the changes). What is the earliest date listed?
  13. JLyman

    Solved something was installed on my laptop and don't know it !

    When you open Windows Update, you can view a list of installed updates and the order they were installed in by date.
  14. JLyman

    Downgrade to Windows 7 problem

    I know this sounds lame but you might not be pressing the key early enough. With my Asus laptop (UX31A), I use the Escape key (boot menu; F2 will get you to the BIOS) and mash it the moment I press the power button. By default these systems are set to POST with as minimal time required as...
  15. JLyman

    Solved Lost Title Bar on a website application

    If you don't have the same issue in another browser, contact the folks that run the site. It is possible there was a code change.
  16. JLyman

    The writing is in the Cloud.

    Regarding the program not working, the softwares have a limit of going 99 days without being able to check in before they stop working automatically, so theoretically you could go 99 days while not connected before you HAVE to check in.
  17. JLyman

    RAID explained (easy and basic...)

    Mike is a pretty cool dude and definitely knows what he's talking about.
  18. JLyman

    Solved Lost Title Bar on a website application

    What browser are you using? Have you tried other browsers?
  19. JLyman

    The writing is in the Cloud.

    I've been using the CC version of Adobe's software for about 6 months now and besides the initial download, you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use the software. Most people use more than one software title from Adobe (not all, but most) and obviously the more titles you use, the...
  20. JLyman

    Windows Blue Build 9385 Pictures has been leaked

    Indeed. The amusement is genuine, though.