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  1. Setherz6104

    Bluescreen/HDD not detected

    So I freshened up and revived my old Dell Inspiron 1525 by installing a Crucial BX300 SSD in it and installing Windows 8, which runs faster than Vista & 10. Everything's great, but eventually I restart and get greeted to either a blue screen ("Critical Service Failure") or Dell's error "No hard...
  2. Setherz6104

    Cannot left click unless I open and close the Start Menu or Ctrl+Alt+Del

    I recently installed Windows 8 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, which is pretty old but runs it like a champ! I am so happy for the performance it has, but I've been stumped over this issue. It's mostly random, but I'd say it happens every 5 minutes: I can't left click anything on my screen...