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  1. Cookieman

    New “Metro-ized” Office Icons Revealed

    New “Metro-ized” Office Icons Revealed Original Article @ New Metro-ized Office Icons Revealed
  2. Cookieman

    Games crash in Win8

    Hi there Im no expert on BSOD's myself but you appear to have uploaded the actual collector tool, what the experts here need are the logs the tool produces. To use the collector tool: Regards...
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    What's your favorite metro app?

    Calendar & News app, I also use the weather app a fair bit too
  4. Cookieman

    Windows 8 "Release Preview" Released

    Windows 8 RP Installed and ready to go! A quick installation too. Im looking forward to playing later.... :)
  5. Cookieman

    Increase you 'new' Skydrive storage capacity to 25GB - Free

    Nicely Spotted! Thanks for sharing Calico :thumb:
  6. Cookieman

    WCP: Main OS or Dual boot

    So, for those not running WCP as a VM After just a few hours of release - is anyone here been brave enough to make the leap and install it as their main OS or have you kept it as a Dual boot. For me its a dual boot for now.
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    Keep One Change One [5]

    Button Moon
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    Word association [4]

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    Solved WCP Product Key Problem

    Not sure what the problem was but after a reboot and fresh input of the key it accepted it! Not to worry, not sure what the blip was but I made it through! That's the key I used too :D
  10. Cookieman

    Solved WCP Product Key Problem

    Anyone here experiencing problems with the product key not being correct. My download refuses to accept my key. I printed mine directly out from the download page, carefully checking it as I typed it in, tried 3 times in all and still no luckl! Off for a fresh reboot! Grrr...
  11. Cookieman

    Windows 8 Consumer preview Released

    9 minutes for download and drive prepared ready!
  12. Cookieman

    Microsoft extends the expiration of Windows 8 Developer Preview

    Original Article Here >> Microsoft extends Windows 8 Developer Preview life - Windows Valley
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    Last Letter Game [4]

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    Keep One Change One [4]

    Civil Service
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    Word association [4]

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    Solved Removing win7 from dual boot

    Unless anyone has other solutions then you could also try PartedMagic (free Software) This is downloadable as a bootable ISO from which you can burn to disc and then boot your computer independently of the operating system so the drives you want to change will not be locked or in use. Parted...
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    Solved Hello :)

    Greetings! welcome to 8F :party:
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    Word association [4]

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    Last Letter Game [4]

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    Keep One Change One [4]

    anti social