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  1. matt0978

    Finding something to talk about

    a lot of wishful thinking and...well it's good to speculate.
  2. matt0978

    My W8 Ideas

    yes, i too believe it is wishful thinking on ur part. ppl who want a games system will buy a games system and people who want a computer system will buy one, it's not in M$ interests to combine the 2.
  3. matt0978

    New name

    i'm thinking something like Blows or Sucks or if it will be good, Rocks :p
  4. matt0978

    Can We Put A Windows 8 Progress Bar on This Forum?

    well if we can put man on the moon... :roflmao:
  5. matt0978

    What Are You Watching?

    courage the cowardly dog, lmao. telly's just on in the background :$
  6. matt0978

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Howdy ho! how many lady members we got so far? :p
  7. matt0978

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    did u mean to say 64bit?
  8. matt0978

    Windows 8 starts to come into focus

    i heard that.. meh, i'll start a new thread
  9. matt0978

    Windows 8 x64 only?

    i've read strong rumors to suggest Windows 8 is gonna solely be a 64bit OS, what's all you's opinions on this?
  10. matt0978

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    here we go, bold and coloured usernames again, i want one :(
  11. matt0978

    6.2? What Kernel # do you think Win8 will have

    6.2.8000.winmain.xxxx how long till we find out? come on MicroSlop, stop holding back already :p
  12. matt0978

    What user number were you when you signed up

    66, that's 54 below 100 so at least still only double figures? oh btw, how comes we don't get to use underscores and stuff in our user id's? i'm slightly niggled by that :confused: