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    Frank Herbert said it best....
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Just how I like it ;)
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    Fake ad tells iPhone 6 owners they can charge phone in mic

    If there are, they're not going to admit it! :roflmao:
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    I just want to apologize for inappropriate posts right now

    We'll be here, sending healing white light to you...
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Nice and neat! ;)
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    Phone Call From Microsoft

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago, and I started speaking Latin. The guy on the other side was really getting frustrated and after 15 minutes or so I couldn't help my self and broke out laughing. I cant remember when I had such a good time! PS: After a good laugh, he hung up on me...
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    Can't activate Windows 8.1 due to product key issue

    Have you tried to activate your account by phone?? Activate Windows 7 by Phone - Windows 7 Help Forums This tutorial works with Windows 8 as well. ;)
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    Need Help Regarding Lost File

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    Post your Start Screen!

    Mine for right now ;)
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    I've been using Classic Shell since windows eight was released, and have never looked back. It more closely gives you a windows native start up option then any thing out there, and the price can't be beat!
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    Microsoft pulls security patch after reports of BSODs.

    Microsoft pulls security patch after reports of BSOD and system crashes - Neowin
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    Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719)

    There are two files to this update. :) Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719) - Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums (KB2975719) available as optional update in Windows Update...
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    Anyone else her play a musical instrument?

    I Played piano for several years, but my forte was classical guitar. My favorite ax was a D28 Martin ;)
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    How long before Microsoft Windows XP disappears?

    I still have an ancient XP 166Mhz Pentium that I will never get rid of it...It really saved my arse last year, when My house was burglarized... That erned that ancient Pentium an eternal reprieve! ;)
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    Announcing the Chrome 64-bit Beta Channel for Windows!

    I just installed it earlier today and it seems to be a slight improvement. It plays nice with my extentions, so I'm a happy camper! :geek:
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    Screenshot Claims To Show Coming Windows 8.1 Start Menu

    Classic shell is free, the other is not ;)
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    Please help with burning a cd

    If you need a totally free burning software, I recommend Imgburn ;) The Official ImgBurn Website
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    Solved Spamware installed by What to do?

    Unchecky is a reliable application that aims to protect your computer against third-party components often offered during software installations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! ;) Unchecky Free Download
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    How to get Windows 8.1 iso with a Single Language key?

    Unless you have an MSDN account, you will have to purchase it from Microsoft...
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    Is there a way to prevent Windows from automatically resta I hope this helps! :)