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  1. Kynix

    Setting chromium as the default browser in Windows 8

    Hi, I've been using Windows 8 since the Developer preview and I've had no problems with it until now. I recently got fed up with Firefox (for being too slow, and buggy). so I installed Chromium (not chrome. Chromium, the open source version of Google chrome without that spyware Google puts in...
  2. Kynix

    Everything Sucks. Let's Talk About What Does Not.

    The Idea of the Metro UI, it is actually quite brilliant, but how? We all know, that even Microsoft can't replace the internet. When people get creative they might really make Metro UI great. We can all see that Windows 8 is mainly designed for the consumer, not for an office, or any...
  3. Kynix

    Via HD Audio deck

    Okay, once again problems... So, I have this old M4A77 motherboard with Realtek's audio "card". I've installed the drivers (I had to use Windows 7 compatibility mode) and the installation went fine, the computer was restarted Alle klar. The driver comes with program called VIA HD Audio deck...
  4. Kynix

    How to install Asus AI Suite, Turbo V, and other MB support software..

    My opinion to Asus Ai suite: Don't use it. do you really want that poorly made buggy program to be in charge of your cpu? I have Asus M2N-e wich has compatibility for it, and the damn program destroyed my old cpu.
  5. Kynix

    Memory card reader causes shutdown problem

    So, shutdown problems... We meet again. I have an "internal! Memory card reader in my computer connected to the mainboard's USB slot. The reader works correctly, but every time I shut down my computer Windows realises to start complaining about Empty drives. I press the shutdown button...
  6. Kynix

    Microsoft's big mistake ???

    Mostly what i've seen is just W8 hating, not hating microsoft. What is their point anyway :sarc: (Mainstream?)
  7. Kynix

    Windows 8 Start screen backgrounds

    Okay, it's in the end of this page WindowsBlogItalia - Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Office 15: Windows 8 BluePoison official download page: Windows 8 downloader / sbloccare tutte le funzioni nascoste di Windows 8
  8. Kynix

    Windows 8 Start screen backgrounds

    Hi, i've recently noticed this program called Blue Poison It can unlock features in windows 8, but when I head to the part of the program I like the most, themes. When i try to apply them they are locked. Even in administrator rights. Is there any way to unlock them, or obtain those themes...
  9. Kynix

    Microsoft Reveals their "Surface" tablet

    But will it have the desktop version in it? EDIT: Or can we install the desktop version in it? since, it is still a computer?
  10. Kynix

    Windows 8 Secrets: New Desktop Theme

    I just don't understand, what is the microsoft's profit on forcing people to use their deisgn? Okay, I like the Metro UI, but there's just one thing i like even more: Personalizing my own workspace. Computer isn't just a fun media/ gaming machine, that's main purpose is to just hypnotise the...
  11. Kynix

    Solved 3am automated update for windows

    I have noticed, that some days nights, when i'm coding or making videos, anything like that, but the no. 1 thing I hate is at 3am restart after updates. Not bad, computer needs to restart, but why windows does not warn me about it? Usually around 3:10-> I'll have to watch when all of my unsaved...
  12. Kynix

    Solved PCI Simple Communications Controller

    What is the model and the brand of the Motherboard?
  13. Kynix

    Ati radeon hd3650

    Hi semakrivanek, and welcome to the Windows Eight Forums :) Have you tried to install the driver autodetect software? If the Autodetect fails, try to install the current Windows 7 driver for your graphics card in compatibility mode, it sure can do wonders.
  14. Kynix

    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Sorry for waking up this a week old topic, but just asking: Is that AMD's driver for windows 8 a complete one, or just a small compatibility conversion to 8, since the conversion didn't work with accelerated OpenGL mode (and that's why i had to downgrade back to 7)
  15. Kynix

    ATI Radeon HD 6870 & OpenGL

    I've recently bought a new GPU to my computer, but I (almost) instantly noticed that i didn't play any OpenGl games. (after a little research i found that i had to copy the opengl.dll to .dll in system 32) After that it did launch OpenGl games, but (example minecraft) could not launch...
  16. Kynix


    I talked to my classmates, and tested my webcams nice features (sunglasses :cool: ) sadly i noticed how badly skype actually works in 8 CP.
  17. Kynix

    Post your Start Screen!

    The names are in finnish. Aloitus: Start / Main (only term translation) Pelit: Games Office: Office ? (yes, this one was in english) Luominen: Creating Loput: The rest
  18. Kynix

    Windows Media Player

    Werty, welcome to the Eightforums :) . Windows 8 Will have the same version of windows media player as seven or vista. This version that came with it is: 12.0.8250.0 (Windows media player 12) Also, it does not come with any more codecs than Windows 7 Due to the fact that even freeware codecs...
  19. Kynix


    The cleaning isn't a problem, because this case has a panel you just remove, but i mean that my computer acts like a vacuum cleaner.
  20. Kynix

    Word association [4]