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    Today [2]

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    Password protection.

    If all else fails the photographs should not be encrypted and so could be accessed from another system if you removed the Hard drive and mounted it in a USB caddy There are around 10000 possible 4 digit options for the PIN but as the decoding is performed in the actual system it is quite...
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    Today [2]

    Received the latest Update of ON1 PhotoRaw 2022 today (On1 Photo Raw 2022.1) One thing I did notice was that the installer is specifically setup to block installing on older Operating systems which now includes Windows 7 and Windows 8. I suppose it is only to be expected but is sad all the same
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    So You haven't really cleaned the inside of your PC in a decade and Windows 8 seems to be running a little sluggish these days....

    I've worked with PC hardware in industry, and to be honest, your images would be the "after shots" on some of the equipment I've seen before cleaning. Imagine a system panel in North Africa, with Six to eight inches of fine sand in the bottom. there were mechanical components fixed to the base...
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    Security policy

    A lot of modern motherboards now have a CLRTC Pin (from Clear Real Time Clock) which you just short out for a few seconds to save thirty minutes - Time is precious these days, unless you're a millennial 🙆‍♂️
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    Remote access to my laptop

    There is a chance that other devices on your network have been compromised. How much of a chance depends on what protection you have in place, and how advanced your scammer was. A lot will use guile to get you to to give them passwords or personal data, for future use. Others will just try to...
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    Remote access to my laptop

    Once you have checked your system the nighthawk app is available in the apple appstore or google play For windows access or I assume Mac access you need to use internet access // (default) or there is a specific URL for the router firmware that I never use but should be in your...
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    "Invert Colors"

    I believe that Microsoft was in the process of depreciating Paint in Win8 it was replaced by a basic 3D paint in Win10. You would be best served by looking at something like or even Gimp Both are free to use (there is a charge for the Store version of but is the same as the...
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    Unable to remove Photos, OneDrive, Camera and Store apps

    I believe that, at one time at least, Winaero Tweaker was capable of removing these apps, which are on Microsoft's " don't touch me " list
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    Can a Monitor be connected to 2 computers at the same time

    I do this on the monitor I am using to type this post Though I use one DisplayPort and 1 HDMI. I simply use the onscreen controls to select the DP port for this desktop and The HDMI port for the Laptop. I have also used a similar setup to run the Laptops screen, the monitor and my TV screen...
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    Need replacement Network HD

    It will work fine with a single disk and you can then add a second when you are ready. If you fit 2 drives at the start you can set them up as a single drive using the RAID option built in which can be useful for management. This can be done later of course but can be a little more complex to...
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    Need replacement Network HD

    As with anything that you will likely come to rely on, and of course your data - Photos, music., games etc - are your most important assets, so I would suggest you get the best you can afford, there are a range of prices and there are also specifically designed hard disks for heavy use which are...
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    Need replacement Network HD

    A lot of modern Routers will allow you to attach a Hard Disk in a USB case which is a simple solution and If you have the hard disk available it's a low cost solution, cases are around the £20 range for a tool less unit. If you need to buy the hard disk that will add a larger cost. With the...
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    What should I replace Flash with?

    The default replacement for Flash is the use of HTML5, this is, and has been for some time been part of the Current batch of Browsers, so it should not need any input on your part, unless you are not using one of the later browsers. As always with the Internet there are some content providers...
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    Debating if I should redo HDD into RAID format

    I am unsure how reliable it is but it is supported, I would never trust my data to Software Raid, A hardware raid card would be my suggestion, and they are available for reasonable cost. The built in support for Striping is explained here ...
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    We have always thought that all users have a right to express their opinion on any of Microsoft's Operating systems, Good or Bad is irrelevant. as long as the comments are Civil to others without unsuitable language. Personally I did not use Windows 8 for a long time, though this was a more...
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    Strange devices on router

    The suggestions you are getting from the Netgear forums make a lot of sense, my advice is to check the release notes that netgear are expected to issue with each firmware update. The Release Notes should be a list of issues that the update corrects or removes the cause, (reverts to prior to when...
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    Strange devices on router

    This is something that gets reported quite often, the problem is caused due to the router manufacturers all using the same (or at least a very narrow pool of IP addresses). The ip range 192.168.nnn.nnn is one of the special local address ranges that are only used on a local network, any...
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    Debating if I should redo HDD into RAID format

    Just my opinion, but Raid was designed at a time when Hard Drives were small and to be honest, quite fragile. Drives these days are generally much larger and more reliable. My advice is by all means buy extra drives but rather than set up raid, use the new drives and some external cases to set...
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    Can I change 1366x766 to 1920x1080

    It may be possible, but it would need for an alternative screen to be available and would also likely need the motherboard to be replaced to one that will drive the increased resolution. As the only realistic supplier of these "spares" to do the job, would be Acer themselves, (screen will be a...