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  1. Ivo

    Start Button (Classic Shell)

    Here's a tutorial for making start buttons: Classic Shell: Custom Start Buttons
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Download the new installer and run it. It will replace the old version.
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Classic Shell 4.2.1 is released Here’s what’s new: Improved support for Windows 10 The start menu searches modern PC settings for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Added new Midnight skin with dark background Added new flat Metro skin that uses the start screen colors New ability to apply settings...
  4. Ivo

    Problem setting Classic Shell

    This doesn't look normal. It is possible you have more than one start menu running at the same time. When Classic Shell is correctly installed, pressing the first icon should open the start menu (either in Windows 7 or Classic style, depending on your settings).
  5. Ivo

    Desktop shortcut to kill Classic Shell

    Create a shortcut to ClassicStartMenu.exe with parameter "-exit". It will do the same as right-click on the start button and Exit.
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    If you are having performance or freezing problems with Classic Shell, please post in the bug report forum here: Classic Shell ? View forum - Bug Reports and include as much relevant information as you have.
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    Solved How to uninstall Skype in Windows 8.1 [Classic Shell]

    By default Classic Shell sets the Win key to open the classic start menu. This is its primary purpose after all :) This can be configured from the Controls tab in the settings.
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    You can find many user-created skins here: Classic Shell ? View forum - Start Menu Skins For start buttons check this forum: Classic Shell ? View forum - Start Buttons
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    Logging disk use - possible?

    It can be a lot of things. It can be AV software doing its scheduled scan, or disk defragmentation, or pre-compiling of .Net assemblies (particularly soon after installing a Windows Update). Software like Process Explorer can show which process is doing the disk access. You need to add a new...
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Are you talking about two different machines, one that works fine with Classic Shell, and a new one that was having this problem from the start? Or is it the same computer that was working in the past and now doesn't? Also, if you wait a minute after logging in, and then start the programs, do...
  11. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    What version of Classic Shell are you using? Did the problem occur with older versions of Classic Shell? Do you have Update 1 for Win 8.1?
  12. Ivo

    Solved Classic Shell Explorer Toolbar?

    First, make sure you have installed the Classic Explorer component (not just the start menu). Second, look at these troubleshooting steps: Classic Shell: FAQ And third, I see you have some other bars installed. Sometimes Explorer gets confused when there are multiple bars. Go to the registry...
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    How do you want to change the photo thumbnails? Classic Shell doesn't have any features that are directly related to photos.
  14. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    "Start Apps" doesn't sound like a Windows feature or a Classic Shell feature. Maybe it was something implemented by the previous software you used, which you uninstalled?
  15. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Yes, version 4.0.6 fixes the crash in Explorer. This is the only difference from 4.0.5.
  16. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    The problem occurs under specific circumstances - you must have Classic Explorer installed, you must not have customized the Explorer toolbar buttons, and the setting to run Explorer windows in a separate process must be off.
  17. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Never mind. I believe I have located the problem. Check here for a solution: Classic Shell ? View topic - Explorer crashes with Classic Shell v4.0.5
  18. Ivo

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    I am investigating the cause. It may be related to using the new Explorer buttons for toggling the navigation pane. Please try to temporarily remove that button from the Classic Explorer settings and see if that fixes the crash.
  19. Ivo

    Win8 File Explorer defaulted Back to 'normal'

    Try these troubleshooting steps: Classic Shell: FAQ
  20. Ivo

    Glass taskbar in Win 8.1

    It looks like you are trying the Windows 8 version of Aero Glass. You need to download the 8.1 version.