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  1. oneeyed

    Making Chrome open links when clicking pop-up buttons

    If you don't plan on using IE maybe you could try disabling it ? Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on or off > Uncheck Internet Explorer Not sure if those apps will redirect then automatically to Chrome but it might be worth a check.
  2. oneeyed

    Internet Explorer 11 now most used web browser in World

    The stats are reliable I assume BUT they don't mean AT ALL what the journalist said. Net Applications get these statistics only from its clients websites, and they aren't representative of the whole Internet. As you may already guess Microsoft is one of their clients.
  3. oneeyed

    Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 7 & 8 (Forbes)

    You're late to the party. It's a rumor that has been around for a long time, but has never been officially confirmed. So don't get your hopes up.
  4. oneeyed

    Internet Explorer 11 now most used web browser in World

    You have to take these stats with a grain of salt though. They can definitely give you a sense of what's happening : IE 11 is getting more popular. But extrapolating that IE 11 is now the "most popular web-surfing tool"... wow that's taking it too far. Compare Net Applications with the stats...
  5. oneeyed

    Reinstalling windows 8.1 quickest way

    If reinstalling on the same PC, then you're better off cloning your OS. Various free tools exist to do that, and it is much faster than a clean install. Once Windows 8 is installed with all its updates you can back it up on a different partition/disk. Here are tutorials for Macrium Reflect ...
  6. oneeyed

    Weird Option Change but No Way to Fix It?

    Maybe you're talking about the Magnifier ? "Start key" + "- (minus) key" zooms out your screen "Start key" + "+ (plus) key" zooms in You can turn it off via Control Panel > Ease of Access Center Click on "Start Magnifier" and reset it back to 100%. Click on "Make the Computer easier to see" and...
  7. oneeyed

    How to start Taskmanager on boot and minimized

    Create a text file with Notepad. Enter this line in it : start /min taskmgr Save it or rename the file as StartTM.bat (or anything you want as long as the extension is .bat) You can either place this file directly in the startup directory you wrote above. Or create a shortcut linking to the...
  8. oneeyed

    anyone now how i can remove this defunct software i have??

    Source : How Do I Install or Uninstall The Software Manager? And here is the uninstall program :
  9. oneeyed

    Best antivirus / firewall / antispyware

    Nice points JP56. If you want a safer PC, (less malware) you have to understand any AV is only a part of your security, and sadly despite all the marketing hype, it is the less effective one. Good to have, but really not that great if you rely only on it. So you must think in terms of layers...
  10. oneeyed

    ARGH!! (Venting Frustration, No Reply Needed)

    Actually you can. Windows Defender can be updated via a very simple command-line utility included in Windows. More info : Run (and Automate) Windows Defender from the Command Line So running : "MpCmdRun.exe -SignatureUpdate" will update the definitions, bypassing the Windows Update service...
  11. oneeyed

    Solved can't remove website from internet options" "trust sites"?

    Some application you installed (not necessarily malware per-se, but definitey adware) modified your Internet Security Zones via the registry. Before modifying the registry, it's recommended to back it up. A restore point is a good way to do that. Follow the instructions in this link ...
  12. oneeyed

    Do You Speak Emoji? Bing Does

    Wow. Talk about useless features.
  13. oneeyed

    Browsers Closing Themselves: "crome.exe" process found

    It does sound fishy to me too. Various hits on this filename do link it to Malware (Malware scan of crome.exe (GoogleUpdate) 8f90eb4ebfdc9100fcae57bc06abaf6352def3ac - herdProtect , Malware scan of Crome.exe (SomeFile) 53d18334baf14812a932940a57f77f6ab2760011 - herdProtect). You should scan it...
  14. oneeyed

    Windows 10 will include a command line package manager

    Source : Windows 10 will come with a command line package manager, much to the lament of Linux users | ExtremeTech
  15. oneeyed

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    Here is the link to TP-Link support forum : Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Routers I think you should open a thread there, they might have more information for you since the update didn't seem to work.
  16. oneeyed

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    There's a PDF file in the zip describing the steps to update your firmware, called "How to upgrade TP-LINK ADSL Modem Router (TrendChip Solution).pdf". Did you read it and follow them ?
  17. oneeyed

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    Have you tried rebooting the router ? There might be a button to do that. Or you can do it from the administration page ( : System Tools > Reboot.
  18. oneeyed

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    The one installed is old, so yes you should update. And you're right, TD-W8961ND_V2_120427 is the one to download. Get the utility too at the bottom of the page (TD-W8961ND_V2.0_Utility)
  19. oneeyed

    Your router is vulnerable to hacker attacks

    Here is the link to the download page for your model : 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8961ND - Welcome to TP-LINK Make sure to check which version you must download first : How to find the hardware version on a TP-Link device? - Welcome to TP-LINK And here is a tutorial to guide you...
  20. oneeyed

    Should I Install The Drivers That Came With My Motherboard

    The same model of computer will have various components/parts that can change depending on price/availability at the time you purchased it. The processor is usually the one thing that won't change, although even that isn't always the case. This is especially true for network/bluetooth/wi-fi...