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  1. JohnOfE

    Windows 8 laptop turning itself off.

    can you feel air coming out of the vent when you hear the fan going? if not, the heat sink is clogged and needs to be cleaned out with air or whatever. some PC's throttle down on overheat, some simply power down instantly. Either way, if it's clogged it needs to be cleaned. suffocating coolers...
  2. JohnOfE

    Solved Partition Nightmare

    Try performing the backup to an external storage device. Deleting the OEM partitions is a great way to temporarily ruin your life later in the future when you end up needing it. Plus a clean install of windows 8 will create 3 hidden partitions anyway so... effort for nothing if you ask me.
  3. JohnOfE

    Something keeps waking up my PC and I cant figure out what

    Try removing all the PCI and PCIe cards to eliminate them as a cause. Worked for me; freeview card in a PCIe 1x slot caused insomnia, but in a 16x slot no issue. Weird, unexplainable, but true. Give it go.
  4. JohnOfE

    Solved Windows 8 Freezing

    Gather the evidence... It's hard to pinpoint the source of such a generic issue, the easiest thing you can do is rule things out one by one. Remove devices (as in pull them out, unplug them). Try safe mode (search the forum if you don't know how). Uninstall programs that like to run in the...
  5. JohnOfE

    Solved VLC?

    no issues here
  6. JohnOfE

    Solved Recovery Partition: To remove or not?

    leave it alone performing a system recovery (when the time comes) will just bring them back anyway We're in the age of terabyte hard drives now, and 128GB SSD's are cheap as chips. Tiny hard drives are more trouble than they're worth, especially when they cause people to try removing recovery...
  7. JohnOfE

    Solved Windows 8 De-activated ? HOW TO FIX ?

    Indeed; contact Microsoft would be the way. $40.00 for a new licence eh? I don't think so! Good luck with that. If Microsoft is no help, talk to the OEM of your machine. It's their key after all which they sold to you pre-installed. I wouldn't settle on having to buy a new key, especially at...
  8. JohnOfE

    Can boot from other drives cause corrupted drives?

    The short answer is NO But then again it all depends because there's so many variables that one could write a novel sized book listing all the possible causes for drive corruption. Gather evidence, and start from the obvious and work your way down the list. "Booting from another drive" being...
  9. JohnOfE

    Solved Buzzing Noise when headphones are plugged in.

    Does the noise change and fluctuate when the computer is working/hard drive seeking? Check your playback devices and disable/mute what's not needed. Unusual to have to do that, but best to check. Cheap sound cards (integrated) I have experienced in my life all share the same imperfection of...
  10. JohnOfE

    HP Pavilion signing out problem

    Heh, someone beat me to it. The power button comes in handy at times like these (held down of course!) If that power button don't do anything; pull the plug, and remove the battery. To be really pedantic (after doing what's said above) you could schedule a scan-disk on C: at the next reboot...
  11. JohnOfE

    How can I change the user-name in the folder-display ?

    The only way I know how is to create a new account with the name you want, move your files over from the old one to the new one, then delete the old account. Just Changing the name of the account won't change the name of the folders. Creating a new account is the only way to get the folders...
  12. JohnOfE

    My laptop got no Bios option.

    Did it comes with 8 or did you upgrade. From the research I have done it looks like models that were shipped with 7 are BIOS not UEFI, which is why it's not in your advanced boot menu. Either way, provided you haven't got quick boot enabled, you should be able to press a button to enter BIOS...
  13. JohnOfE

    Sleep won't turn off computer after set time

    Sorry about not getting back to this. Your report shows one thing preventing sleep. While my energy report shows the same thing, you may want to invest a bit of time googling this issue. Heres a thread you may want to look at: Why Won’t Windows Automatically Sleep? » Boydo's Tech Talk Just...
  14. JohnOfE

    How can i run a hidden cmd script?

    What's the script and how did you manage to hide the CMD in Win7? In case this is helpful: I believe you can run BAT files in task scheduler without the CMD window popping up by setting the task to run with highest privileges. Perhaps the same thing will work for a script, whatever it may be...
  15. JohnOfE

    Import photos and videos

    I simply must ask but... is the date and time set correctly on the CANON VIXIA HF 200 HD camcorder? I'm sure the storage media has no effect on windows ability to read date stamps nor the card reader :-) If possible, try reading the exact same files on another computer running Win7 to rule our...
  16. JohnOfE

    Solved Transferring photos?

    Remember that the pictures library is not a folder, but a collection of any folders that are to be included in the library. The Pictures folder in your user location is included in this library be default. Any folder anywhere can be included in the pictures library. It's simply a way of...
  17. JohnOfE

    Solved Transferring photos?

    If you don't want to move the files, you can include your current location (folder) in the pictures library; see screenshot below:
  18. JohnOfE

    Opening an OpenOffice doument in File Explorer in Win. 8.

    You may want to go back to the old laptop and open the file; then save it as another format like DOC or something other than it's current format. Better still , RTF ot TXT would be work sure sure, but may lack correct formatting.
  19. JohnOfE

    Disable a FN-key combination permanently?

    Doesn't work for me, so maybe not a windows thing. laptop mice have the generic windows settings as well as settings by the maker; have you checked both?
  20. JohnOfE

    Solved Dual hard drive setup

    Dude, either change the boot priority or format the entire drive. I trust you understand what the boot priority does and that it won't boot from a drive if you tell it not to regardless of whether it's bootable or not? I get that you want to keep the other partitions so that you can restore...