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  1. KYHI

    Quick easy way to format the HD and erase all files?

    Most Windows 8/8.1 Computers came with a Recovery Image (Partition) - You may be able to Restore the PC to Factory State...
  2. KYHI

    Windows 8.1 support from Microsoft will end on January 10, 2023

    Dang - MS is now forcing me to start to use Windows 10 as my daily driver, I am going to miss this old girl...
  3. KYHI

    Installing new Hard Drive question.

    Install the New Hard Drive, and clean install Windows 10 with the Generic Key - once the PC goes Online it will receive a Digital License Key from the prior activation of windows 10... Or clean install windows 8/8.1 - it will install using the Key embedded in the BIOS - then upgrade to Windows 10
  4. KYHI

    Facebook company changes its name to Meta

    Meta Data Collection Company
  5. KYHI

    Windows 8 V. 6.3, build 9600

    Without Internet - you will not be able to download updates or drivers... It appears you need the driver for the Audio and Network Card... Best to use your PC, go the MFG's website and download the driver for that make and model - copy to USB and the install drivers on the friends laptop via USB...
  6. KYHI

    Solved Issues removing (ACCESS DENIED) "Windows.old" after a refresh with install media due to "SCF error & DISM.exe" unable to correct

    The reason is those files are still being accessed by the running OS - thus the easiest way to removed them is when to OS is offline - thus I would boot into WinPE and delete the folder - then reboot into the OS...
  7. KYHI

    Factory reset didn't work thank to an outage

    No, you can download the setup Media > TechBench by WZT (v4.1.1)
  8. KYHI

    Factory reset didn't work thank to an outage

    Sounds like you will be needing the Reinstall the OS from the Setup Media... Then restore your personal files you backed up..
  9. KYHI

    toning a network cable to a network closet

    that Network Outlet may not be a feed from the closet - but rather running from another network outlet as in Daisy chained from another Outlet location
  10. KYHI

    Restore factory W8?

    If the one that had windows 8/8.1 came from the OEM with Windows 8/8.1 then the Key needed for installation is embedded into the Bios. the windows 7 machine will require a product key
  11. KYHI

    Can i install windows 8.1 OVER ubuntu?

    You would boot from the "Windows Installation Media" Then when asked where to install (HDD Partition Screen) Delete EVERY partition and point to the unallocated disk space Windows will create it's own partitions....
  12. KYHI

    Capture the Windows image to a custom install.wim file

    you can not capture the OS as a wim unless it is Offline Thus the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is used to restore the Recovery Image as the OS is offline
  13. KYHI

    Capture the Windows image to a custom install.wim file

    A Clean & Fresh System Recovery -
  14. KYHI

    Capture the Windows image to a custom install.wim file

    You must capture the Image from within another OS or use WinPE The capture directory is listed as C - but will not always be the case (depending)
  15. KYHI

    Latest Microsoft Edge released for Windows

    I really Like the New Icon....
  16. KYHI

    Solved How do I get rid of flashplayer?

    FlashPlayer ActiveX is Built into Windows... Other (Non-ActiveX) Versions of Flashplayer can be uninstalled
  17. KYHI

    Where to get "Office" help

    No not saying required - saying they may be in common
  18. KYHI

    Where to get "Office" help

    Search one of the Office Updates by KB number - it may also effect other newer versions of Office
  19. KYHI

    assign default OEM partition for factory reset

    use diskpart to assign the drive letter R open file explorer and post a screen shot of the files and folders on R You can now browse thru R and find Install.wim or Install.swm(s) - those are your Factory recovery Images..
  20. KYHI

    assign default OEM partition for factory reset

    there are two different settings.. One is for Recovery Tools (WinRE.wim) One for the Factory Image You would boot into WinRE to Restore the Factory Image... Not sure what you mean "it just boots into ISO recovery"