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  1. gdm40

    Problems with Printer installation and Sound Card

    Yep you had the same problem I did with creative, you have a driver from windows update fowling up the works. This was my scenario: I installed 8 everything was great then my audio driver kept giving out and when trying to install a specific driver was informed a (better one existed already)...
  2. gdm40

    Problem running Win 8 on NetBook Asus Eee PC 1001P

    Unfortunately you can't the max resoultion that the 1001P can support even with the correct drivers is going to be 1024x600. The only fix is impractical which would be to install an LCD with a better resolution. The EEE 1005PR sports a 1366 x 768 wxga LCD but it's also 10.1 inch and not 10 inch...
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    They are keeping track of us

    Short List Follows: 1 Name. 2 Locale. 3 websites visited. 4 what type of chip crumbs land on the touch screen. 5 Shopping habits. 6 your pron preferences. 7 your messenger list. 8 the number of taps it takes you to order dominoes pizza on your tablet. 9 your retina pattern. and sooooooooo much...
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    Windows 8 cant find my Graphics card

    The L attitude D620 comes in two flavors Intel GMA 950 or Nvidia Quadro 110M. Both are available on the Dell support site just look on the support site and follow the prompts. If the drivers @ Dell are too dated you can find them directly at Intel or Nvidia's website respectively. If you have...
  5. gdm40

    Are You Still Using Windows 8 Developer Preview?

    Yep still plodding along with it. That and other operating systems. I hate to sound old school but I prefer XP "still" on a system with low memory and low end CPU. Millions of workstations can't be wrong. :) That opinion's not going to change until the final farewell XP update. :D
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    Solved are there any network drivers for this desktop?

    Fortunately there are both 32 and 64 bit 7 drivers available for the Plex 380 available on Dells support site. Now whether he can use them in VM ware is another thing. I haven't mussed with VM ware for awhile as it really bogged down the early C2D system I use. So I'm far from an expert, but...
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    Solved are there any network drivers for this desktop?

    Dumb question probably, Dut did you download the installer from "dell support" let it extract to C: then browse the drivers folder it creates and transfer it to thumb drive? Because I'm staring at a mini card driver installer right now titled "Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card...
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    The quote of the day

    It doesn't matter how much perfume you toss on an asphalt roasted skunk. "Hell boy" you can even stuff it in a fancy party dress cram a stick up it's arse and make it dance around like a puppet. But it's definetly not going to pretty, and I guarantee it will stink to high heaven. "Great...
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    Microsoft tries to block Linux off Windows 8 PCs

    What part the virtual disabling of non sanctioned software and potentially hardware? (or) Microsoft's denial Regardless it cinches the decision on my next build to be based around the Z68 chip set "just to be safe" As when it ages I usually turn old hardware into a Nix server for media files...
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    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    Very informative :). Maybe you can illustrate how to boot & install a non Microsoft based operating system in a secure boot UEFI environment on an upcoming OEM machine ? Just to put all the nasty rumors to rest once and for all. Just asking..
  11. gdm40

    Solved Window 1 to 8 lol

    I used 1.0 and I can state with 110% certainty that WDP isn't remotely similar. Although I think they could take a cue from 1.0 and add a static clock to Metro. The pop up is nice but I don't want to hover over every time I want to see what time it is. If your doing this from the ironic humor...
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    Does Windows 8 offer any advantage compared to Windows 7?

    I have to say that unless they make discernible changes in the Metro UI regarding letting the EU add shortcuts to the interface along with other customization options. It has no real advantage. That being said about the UI I have noticed a slight speed up in initial boot time and the way it...
  13. gdm40

    HOw Can i go bck to 7

    If you installed over 7 "that's bad news". :sad: I urge anyone attempting this to become familiar with Disk partitioning and Imaging software first. So that you can make the appropriate image backup prior to installing WDP over Windows 7 in upgrade installations. As this would make...
  14. gdm40

    Solved Windows Developer Preview on old PC

    Nice catch! Doubly Confirmed, I just loaded WDP onto an old Athlon XP1800 system, which I know lacks SSE2. I received an identical crash to what you described when trying to run both Services and Event Viewer.
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    Solved Thank you developers for not disabling the Godmode folder from 7

    Being a quasi control freak I just went for broke and tried it. Thankfully it works I now have one click access to every setting possible on the desktop.:party: Control Panel All Tasks List Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums I tried setting it up as a Metro shortcut but to no avail, hopefully adding...
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    Older ATI card, no support... Pls help!

    If you have the correct installer try what I posted below.
  17. gdm40

    Video driver install problems

    There's another option if an installer crashes and or fails to run. Download and install Winrar. Locate and download the installer for your version of the X300 driver 32 or 64 bit from ATI. Instead of double clicking to execute it right click to discover a new extract option :). Extract the...
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    Take screenshots?

    Print screen then paste in IrfanView works also just f.y.i.
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    Odd booting

    On a dual boot setup same drive two partitions with 7. I noticed that whenever I choose Windows 7 from the boot menu that it has to entirely reset the machine before it boots into Seven .:huh: Anyone else having this happen? Or is this just the way that the Windows 8 boot manager starts Seven...
  20. gdm40

    Solved bug

    It's not just you, does the same here @ that resolution.